All-purpose gun legislation thread

Case in point:

Posobiec does not speak for the party!

Welllll… except he does. I listed to Ron Filipowski talk on a podcast and he talked about the crazy fringe ideas start in (duh) the fringe. Give it enough time and those wacky conspiracy theories end up on Fox News.

If Major Beatdown wants to take a few swings at ol’ Jack there, I say we give him a free pass.

He’ll have my axe!

And my feather boa!

And my stilettos!

The guy essentially said, he was trying to kill the attacker. I have no problem with this.

“You made us shoot you.”

The problem here is that people like Tim Pool have not had their asses beat like they should.

Honestly I’m surprised they let him go that quickly. It’s a chaotic scene of a shooting with dozens of wounded, bleeding people and several dead. The Major surrendered himself sitting in a pool of blood after having pretty much beaten another guy’s head in.

Sure, the shooter was wearing body armor and there were corroborating witnesses, but the cops would have been negligent in letting the Major go before they were 100% certain that he was not somehow involved. Worst case, they have to apologize for an abundance of caution.

Cuffing and separating everyone then figuring out who did what after things get secured, in this kind of scenario, is standard procedure. I’m not mad about it.

The Walmart shooter bought his gun that same day.

Story doesn’t say, but given the world we live in, I wouldn’t be surprised if he bought it at the Walmart.