All-purpose gun legislation thread

Myers approached the boys after seeing an airsoft gun in one’s pocket and assuming they intended to commit an armed robbery,

So Myers thinks anyone concealed carrying is committing a crime?
Like say… himself?
I should be able to just pop him in the back of the head if his weapon prints?

Also added bonus:

Court records indicate that several nearby law enforcement officers saw and heard parts of the confrontation leading up to H.R.'s death. It’s unclear from court records whether they made an attempt to intervene prior to the shooting.

What you gonna do without cops? Apparently the same thing as with them standing close enough to hear me murdered.

Indeed. Just…wow. The kid was backing away, his hands still in the air ffs. And so he nails him seven times, six of them in the back.

I’m assuming at some point the kid was hit in the side as he was turning, and then fully turned around in order to flee, at which point Myers thought, “Leaving, huh? Oh no you’re not!”
What scares me is that we have absolutely no idea how many of these loons are out there right now among us.

The term security guard is a red herring. That guy was not working for the store. That guy was picking up his son from Karate class. He may have been working at a security guard in some completely different place. He was either a “good guy with a gun”, or a self-described vigilante keeping crime rates down.

Or, three, an armed homicidal idiot.

Getting big Dwight Schrute energy from reading about this shooter.

He was a member of the Newcastle, Washington “Public Safety Committee”, believe it or not.

How the Court can figure that accessories for guns are covered the same as the right to own said gun would be baffling if I didn’t already know how warped these people are. A right to bear arms apparently means any arms, all accessories or attachments for those arms, and anything vaguely associated with those arms.

I guess it makes a certain weird sense if you are totally in to the absoluteness of the 2nd Amendment, in that you believe that any weapon (that you can hold in your hands I suppose) is covered.

And it’s not about the effectiveness or utility or function of the thing in question (bump stock or whatever it might be). It’s the idea that this sort of accessory, which manifestly is not an “armament” in any sort of way, gets treated like it was.

Are ghost guns legal now? They’re just a bunch of parts!

Is it ok if I 3d print a gun?

They pretty much always were legal. I forget the details but you could always put together a gun, maybe it was a limit of one per year or something?

The confounding thing is that Trump banned bump stocks and now a Trump-packed SC rolled back his ban, which terrifyingly suggests the SC is more nutty than Trump.

I feel like that’s infringing on my rights of free assassination.

But I still have a full printer spool! Muh rights!

In the feel-good movie about this, some rich benefactor buys it and announces that he’ll never license the patents.

Instead, someone like Elon Musk is going to buy it and open source it.

The reality is that there isn’t some sort of crazy magic involved in a bump stock. It’s pretty trivial to make one if you wanted. I’ve seen things where folks rigged them up with rubber bands and stuff.

Well there is always the classic:

Well, it’s like the conversion kits to illegally turn a Glock 17 pistol into an automatic weapon is deadass cheap and simple to make.

Most solutions are at the end of the day. It’s the fact that it’s illegal that keeps most of it in check.

Auto sears have never been that complicated. 3D printing has made it trivial. The part where you can go to jail for a decade for even possessing one is what keeps everything in check.

Oh, I’m with you. Don’t worry. Despite how easy it is to turn a semi-auto into a bullet-hose, I prefer more laws that make it illegal.

Maybe make semi-automatics that are impossible to turn into full auto. Or just don’t make them at all. I’m sure all the pro-Jesus right-wing folks would be happy to vote for someone promoting that agenda.

What’s interesting, to me at least, is all the YouTube channels devoted to gun stuff. Due to the weird heuristics that YouTube uses I end up with a lot of them on my home page, despite never actually viewing any of them or much like it (other than a few historical things). Most are the usual review or unboxing type videos, but the ones that really get me are the ones focusing on the law around guns, gun ownership, and gun usage.

I mean, they are full of breathless proclamations of either joy “Suprem Court strikes down ban on X!”) or fury (“Biden wants to take your Y!”). Mostly the stuff is scratch-your-head weird, too. Like, owning a suppressor, or a bump-stock, or some other bizarre gizmo designed to take a civilian weapon and make it into a facsimile of a battlefield murder machine, is somehow a vital and sacred part of your rights as an American. Truly weird.