All-Purpose Writing Thread!


Self-published writers can help promote each other, and author Melanie Tomlin does exactly that by featuring interviews with other writers. Today brought my turn!


My flash story Down Stepped Proud Galatea With a Sigh is out today in the inaugural issue of Spirits’ Tincture. You can read it for free (or pay $14.20 for a print copy) at


Congrats, Miramon. Where did you learn of this magazine?


I use the submission grinder for tracking short story submissions. They specialize in SFF listings, but they list markets in other genres as well as literary magazines. New markets will come up on their search system as their users learn about them, and their newsletter can be configured to push new market openings to you, too.


Wow, thanks. Never knew of this.


I may become a Surface Pro 4 owner in the near future and I’m curious about how good pen/stylus input has actually gotten. Anyone spend time composing a paragraph or two in this way? This would be for “gotta jot that idea down” stuff and not for full-blown composition or data entry. (Not opposed to the idea of using a pen for all of the above, but I know we’re not there just yet.)


I saw the Yoga Book the other day and thought about how useful it would be for portable writing. This device is very striking. To be honest, I use a MacBook and Scrivener, and now that Scrivener is on the iPhone, I find I can write just about anywhere I go. I flew from Seattle to Georgia a few weeks ago and managed to bang out about 1,500 words on my phone. Not ideal but it was cool to sync up my files as soon as we landed.


Honestly, the Yoga Book would have been my first pick if not for the non-physical keyboard keys. That’s not something you can really evaluate effectively without actually owning the device for a while. Otherwise it looks like it would be just about perfect for my current needs. The fact that I still hate the lack of physical keys on my smartphone is enough to discourage me from taking a chance on a laptop-class device with that same limitation.

As far as smartphones and tablets go, as an Android user I really envy your iPhone options. I use and love Scrivener as well. Even if I fell back on using The Journal again, which now supports a much wider range of export/import options, I’d be very limited.

And the question about the current state of stylus input is still open…


This is what I use. Has real keys, runs Win 7, meets all my portable writing needs. And even plays old games.


To celebrate my first royalties, my novella is on sale for 99 cents.

In other, less self-published news, I’ve finished a little humorous horror story right in the sweet spot for magazine submission, so in the next week or so, once I’ve been over it with the red pen again, it’s going out the door. It won’t be the first thing I’ve had in a magazine, but it will (hopefully) be the first thing a magazine pays me for.


I really enjoyed this book. For those on the fence, think a quick story of Jack Aubrey or Horatio Hornblower in SPAAACE!


[quote=“Fishbreath, post:910, topic:65387, full:true”]
To celebrate my first royalties…[/quote]

w00t! Grats!


Thanks! I’ve been very careful to describe it as revenue, as opposed to profit, but it’s still really nice.

I couldn’t have scripted a recommendation which makes me happier.


Very pleased to announce I just sold my first-contact story between two voices talking to Nature magazine for their monthly “Futures” science fiction story page.


Awesome, that’s great. Congrats. Let us know when it is published.


Mentioned this in the eBook Bargain thread already, so pardon the cross-posting:

I’m pleased to announce that my short story “Slamming on the Brakes” appears in a new flash fiction anthology “Bite-Sized Stories,” now available for FREE at all eBook retailers.

Its free everywhere, so you have nothing to lose by downloading!


w00t for being anthologized!


My dream-story Dragonfly Tea is out today in the New Haven Review. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the issue 18 pdf:


Congrats. Great way to start the week.


Hope you guys don’t mind me sharing my new book Damaged on Amazon.

After 6 months of on and off writing, this is finally out. This is one of those kinds of books I have always wanted to write. It’s violent and filled with drugs, sex, and rock and roll. The bulk of the writing took place over about a 4 week period - probably 60K were written during that time. We used a different cover artist for this book than I’ve used in the past, and he knocked it out of the park. Check out his work.