All-Purpose Writing Thread!


I just tossed together a quick writing website using squarespace and google domains. – comments welcome.


What is the significance of the biplane?

I like it. It’s a cool image and I’m a sucker for isolated objects.


Thanks. It’s a S.E.5a from my first novel which I’m still trying to sell. Commissioned it from a Polish artist who specializes in warplanes.


Very nice site.

Good luck!


My story between two voices talking is out today in Nature Magazine. I’m very pleased.


Conga rats!


I’ve had plenty of two-rejection days, but this is my first two-acceptance day:

  1. E. A. Poe pastiche From Out a Full-Orbed Moon sold to Zoetic Press (featuring Poe’s ghost as a narrator) for their upcoming Poe-themed issue.

  2. Reprint sale of my New Haven Review story Dragonfly Tea to Far-Fetched Fables for a pro narrator’s read in their podcast.




Thanks! I forgot to mention that the Poe story was my first-ever short story written with intent to sell, back in 2014, and it got 18 rejections before it finally sold.


Congrats all around Miramon. A testament to perseverance.


Still shopping around my first magazine-targeted story, and I’m sitting on another one. (I wrote it for an anthology, but it was rejected, and I’ve heard it’s smart to hold onto those for a while to avoid the rush of people shopping around similar stories.)

On the self-publishing track, I have another novella coming out soon. I know a local artist/designer from all the way back in elementary school, and he was able to put me in touch with an inexpensive, not-yet-established illustrator he knows to do a cover for me. Given the budget I have to work on (very limited, and I probably won’t even make it back), I’m super-pleased with the result. The genre is 1930s pulp adventure with zeppelins, and I got the Indiana Jones feeling I was looking for.


That’s a great cover! Good luck


Yeah, that cover is really very good. Hope it sells well!


Very nice cover. Good luck!


Back in November my girlfriend took me to the ER because she found me passed out on the floor. This wasn’t normal. They checked me in, took me to a room, asked me a bunch of stuff, stuck needles in me, and then I passed out again. When I came too I was really confused. WTF was I even doing there? Little did I know that when I’d passed out the second time, my heart had stopped beating for a full minute.

Anyway, for the next 24 hours they tried to figure out what was wrong with me while pumping fresh blood into my arms. It took 8 units before they were happy. I was bleeding internally but where? Turned out it was a tumor the size of a golfball in my gut and it had ruptured. The next time everything went to black it was because I was under anesthesia. They cut an 8" hole in my stomach, pulled out my intestines, dug around, and snipped the bastard out. After that I was on a LOT of morphine.

So Trump had just won the election and I was dazed, from drugs, but also from wondering what a Trump presidency would be like. How crazy could he get and still stay in office? Fueled by pain killers, SNL, and some weird talks with my girlfriend, I came up with a ridiculous idea for a book. After I got out of the hospital, I had a hard time getting back into writing. Since that’s what I do for a living, it was doubly painful.

As much as I need to get a couple of sequels out, this dumb book idea would not leave me alone, so I wrote it. Once it was underway, I searched for an artist to make a cool cover. Well, I found him, and he did an amazing job.

So here is something sure to garner some hate, maybe some love, who the hell knows. I’m just glad it’s out of my system - like that damn tumor.

TL;DR - I was on morphine and had an idea for a book so I wrote it.


Holy shit, thank god you’re okay! I hope your Trump book goes to the top, Tim. Good luck!


Congratulations on your survival and your creation!


Glad you’re okay. The unfortunate side effect is that the tumor escaped your body and is taking refuge in the Oval Office.


Thanks, all. After an exhausting couple of days, this is finally live on Amazon. The paperback should be ready in a few days. With any luck I’ll have copies to display at a convention next weekend. Now that this book is out of my system, it’s time to crank out a couple of sequels, which are my bread and butter.

Here’s the link on Amazon if any of you find folks care to check out this wacky book. It’s actually a novella. I started out writing a 10K short, and stopped at 35K words.

So far, no death threats. But it’s still early. heh.


Good God that description is a thing of beauty.