All-Purpose Writing Thread!


All very interesting.

So this LitRPG author is rocking it:

When I use the Kindle Rank to Sales calculator it estimates he’s selling 24 copies a day of this title at $5.99 per copy. At that rate he’s making $36,000 per year from this title alone, and he has six books in this series. I realize he may be an outlier, but still!

I think you’ve picked a good genre!


A 6K sales rank is pretty good but he’s not in kindle unlimited so that book is probably pulling in $40 a day. I just did some quick and dirty math on a book I have with a 4K sales rank. It’s making me an average of $55 per day this month. Maybe his stuff sells well on other platforms. Look at the sixth book in his series. 139 sales rank = about $400 or $500 a day for that book alone. If he was in KU he’d probably be well into the top #100 and pulling in +$1K per day.

I agree on this genre. I initially scoffed when my friend told me about the genre and that he was writing a book in it. But the more I looked into the genre I couldn’t believe how fun it sounded. When his book came out earlier this year I was blown away by how damn fun it was. Check out Dominion of Blades if you want to read a fun take on the genre.


Whoa. Hats off to you.


Is it being published in a journal or is submitting to one the next step after the presentation?


My sci-fi poker story Drawing Dead has just been published in The Sockdolager:


Delighted by this charming review of my story Drawing Dead. Really made my day.


Nice review. I can see how it made your day.


That is a nice review. Makes you want to read the story. Congratulations on the pub!


This gave me a chuckle.


Although I’ve made my living as a writer for a decade, I don’t often link my work, but I think this piece I wrote about my father’s lifelong battle with depression is probably worth sharing with the board. It’s the best thing I’ve ever written. (You might remember the URL from some of @tomchick’s stories about cancer, and @jpinard’s profile, which I commissioned for the magazine I run.) If people like it, any social media boost they could provide would be much appreciated.


Powerful writing, personal and revealing without being self-indulgent. Thanks for the link.


Nice work @DrCrypt it was a good read.


That’s a gripping story about depression, well done.


For better or for worse I finally completed my first LitRPG book: Shards of Reality and it’s up on Amazon. I learned a lot while writing this book like I need to stop guessing how long my next book will be. I projected this one at 80K but it finished right at 100K words! I believe this is my second longest book.

I don’t even know how to describe how much fun this book was to write. I’ve played video games since the early 80’s and RPG’s have always been my favorite. The characters literally have to gain XP and skill points to level up. Plopping a couple of numbskulls into a fantasy world was an absolute blast. Magic, maces, swords, nose-picking goblins, corpse runs, sassy tavern wenches, quests, XP, skills and upgrades. I freaking loved writing this book!


Hope it does well!


Picked it up!


I’ve never heard the term “litrpg” before, but this has been a common trope in anime for years, so it isn’t surprising to see it being a thing in novels.

On a separate note, I haven’t sought any editorial work in quite some time because of my struggles with tinnitus. I never learned to touch-type and I was quite concerned about how I was ever going to work again. But, I’m happy to report that I’ve been editing a manuscript this week, relying heavily on the dictation tools built in to Mac OS and that it has been going far better than I expected.


That is a fantastic feature for my favorite mode of composition - pacing around the house talking to myself! I actually tend to be much less wordy and more concise that way - partially because i type so (relatively) fast i can vomit out awkward sentences that tend to not be particularly coherent. BTW you can do this with any iOS device as well (though it depends on the app; Pages at least does this natively). It will require editing and cleanup though.


It’s awesome you guys can use the dictation feature. I have tried it a few times but I had trouble wrapping my head around the whole thing. Plus I felt weird speaking to my computer. LOL. I kept wanting to give my character’s funny voices.


Thank you!!!