All-Purpose Writing Thread!


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Awesome! Congrats.


I just sold a story on its 24th submission! Over 3+ years, this story was held 3 times for further consideration and 6 of the markets it was submitted to no longer exist. It got a bit of mot-juste polish over the years, but no rewrites or substantial revisions.




That’s awesome!

Don’t ever give up. My wife recently sold two of the first books she wrote…nearly 15 years ago.


Congratulate her for me! That’s wonderful.


Congrats. You are a testament to perseverance.


I just found out that a co-worker won the Bram Stoker Best New Novel award last year. Unfortunately, riches didn’t follow and he is still my co-worker.


This is very true, unfortunately.


Smallest story publication yet! A meta-drabble:

I also have a couple of haikus coming out in the Asahi Shimbun in August and September, which is even less insignificant. They post a couple of dozen every month from contributors in the English-language edition. Still I’m very pleased.


Congrats Miramon. This is one of the few threads I really enjoy seeing pop up again and again. Keeps me optimistic about my own work, seeing yours go out.


I suck at PUBG but I like watching video streams. So that got me thinking about doing another book with a basis on a game. My first draft sucked. I basically started over, and rewrote all of the characters and it was painful. I don’t know if this thing is going to sell, but I’m glad I tried something different. Anyway, check out what my cover artist created. She works for a game company, and I feel like she came up with a great concept.




Good luck Timothy! Those gaming books are supposed to be very popular right now.


They’re pretty popular but fans of the genre can be, how to put this… ass-hats. It’s still a pretty new genre, but I did a LitRPG last year (2 dudes stuck in a video game) and while it got just okay reviews, it sold very very well. So far Chicken Dinner is starting to sell, but it’s also been on sale for the first few days. LitRPG is also having some growing pains inside of Kindle Unlimited with authors getting their unlimited page reads stripped. 2 authors were banned from Amazon, and they were top sellers.


Why were they banned? Don’t understand.


Yep, I’ve been reading about the bannings. Authors skirting the rules for more sales. I’m not sure the authors Crusis means, but the scams I’ve read about involve adding lots of extra stuff to Kindle books, adding links that get readers to skip to the end (automatically inflating the page read total), and even click farms where you pay to have “readers” click through your book to inflate your earnings. The monthly Kindle bonuses for top performers are very lucrative.


I got my copy this morning. You’re doing good at like ~7k or so. Keep it rolling, good luck.


Hers’s a link with a very brief synopsis of what happened. I met both of these guys at a convention last year, and both seemed cool.


Thanks, @TimElhajj. I’ve started to write up a post here about how NOT to write a book. Chicken Dinner went through a lot of growing pains before it was done. I wrote the entire book, realized it sucked, and then started over. The second version was much better.