All-Purpose Writing Thread!


As an aside, how the heck do you pump out 90 novels and have any sort of quality control?


Grats, man.

As a learning point/teachable moment, I’m curious as to whether you have identified anything in your process that would have saved you some time by not scrapping the first draft?


I look forward to seeing that post. I feel like I’m learning a lot, but mostly I’m just having fun.

EDIT: Nothing to see here. lol.


Ghost writers. Plus, once you’re used to writing a lot, it’s pretty easy. I can easily crank out 3K to 5K decent words a day if I’m on a roll.


What’s your average word count on a book?


Depends on the book. Anywhere from 60K to 110K. Chicken Dinner is a tight 70Kish.


My flash story An Infinite Series of Primes was published today on Apparition Lit.


That was a great read. Well done!


Thanks so much for the kind words! A bit of a homage to Rudy Rucker’s great novel White Light. Less gonzo, though.


I had my first editing gig for a new outfit recently. It was the longest manuscript I have ever worked on (120k) and was a heck of a lot of fun. I got to use my new desk setup (motorized sit/stand) and it was just nice to be working again after so long.


I am starting to get back into writing fiction again. Moat of my stuff lately has just been blog posts on minimalism and tech.

I like writing horror and thrillers. What are the markets these days for short stories for these things?


I wrote a Modern Love piece for the NYT a long time ago and they just got John C. Reilly to read it. If you listen to the end, they interview me and my son, and then talk with NYT editor Dan Jones and John.


Check the submission grinder’s search function.

$0.06/word and up is the laughably labeled “pro scale”, still useful to distinguish respectable markets from cheesy ones in the search. For a quick response, I recommend The Dark. While the average magazine takes from 3 weeks to 3 months to respond (and some even longer), The Dark sometimes returns a rejection in mere minutes…

Also, nice essay, Tim!


That’s really cool. I remember reading that piece some time ago. How did it come about that they got John C. Reilly to read it?


They are getting actors to read from the Modern Love archive. Reilly is promoting his new movie, so I guess this is just something the studios have him do? He gives his movie a little plug at the end. His name draws people to the podcast, so I guess it’s good for everyone. I was certainly thrilled he picked mine.



Congrats! And great piece, I just read it (rather than listen!)


I hope you used your John C. Reilly voice. :) Thanks for taking a look, Tyler!


My story The Freighter will be read for Liars’ League NYC at KGB in the East Village on December 5. The story will be read by actress Kristen Calgaro.

This story is a SFnal retelling of the song Seeräuberjenny from Threepenny Opera, in particular Nina Simone’s version of 1964:


Very cool. Will you be there?


Planning on it. With an assortment of relatives, most likely.