All-Purpose Writing Thread!


Everyone I know who has used split royalties payment model for a narrator has come to regret it. I think the conventional wisdom is to pony up and find someone at the start of their voice audio career.


Unless you are already an experienced podcaster or some kind of pro, doing your own recording of a novel is a recipe for horror. It’s bad enough trying to record a 1,000 word flash story without the right kind of experience.


Thanks guys! He has read the whole book aloud and recorded it, and I think he did well, but I wonder how a pro would do it. I’ll pass along your words.


Story published in Nature Magazine today! They gave me a bit of a teaser, too:

The published story:

A blog entry about the story:


Dude, that’s impressive. Didn’t recall they even published fiction. One of the most prestigious scientific journals there is,


Thanks! The funny thing is it’s probably a hundred times easier to sell them a story than it is to publish a scholarly article with them. There are probably thousands of postdocs and associate professors who’d sell their souls for a Nature article publication, and yet their acceptance rate for fiction is a (relatively) gigantic 20%!


That’s a huge acceptance rate. Surprising for a publication of that substance. I used to submit poetry to litmags many moons ago and the acceptance rate was usually 1% or lower.


Yes. I’m surprised, too. Most pro-scale genre magazines accept less than 1% of submissions. But the rate reported by the Submission Grinder is indeed over 18% (now that I trouble to look it up). I’d expect the rate to be way lower because they pay something like $0.13-$0.15 a word (double what F&SF pays, for example) and because it’s a fun place to see your story published even if you aren’t a scientist. Possibly the strict wordcount limit (750-950 words) reduces volume, but even so I’d expect to see more submissions.


Hey, congrats on this publication and all the other ones over the last year or two. Not that I know much about it, but it seems like you are on the right track. You’re building up a publishing history for short pieces that is going to open bigger doors for you.


I sure hope so, thanks!


Really nicely done, @Miramon.
It takes real skill to condense such a sense of place and such emotion into so few words. I felt like I was right there.


Thanks – I appreciate the kind words!


Last week my SO found out that she is not going to be paid in February due to the government shut down. What does that translate to for me? I wrote most of this over the weekend, and my editor stayed up late finishing edits last night. It’s live now, and already #1 in political humor on Amazon, but I don’t expect that to last.

I love being an indie author. I can come up with a goofy idea like this, write 12K words in a few days, and have it on Amazon almost immediately.


Wow, congrats!


#1! Nice work, @Crusis!


I just sold an urban fantasy novella to a small press! I can’t give details publicly until the official announcement which will probably be in a few months. I’m very happy even though it will probably only sell a dozen copies because it will be my first me-only publication.


Thanks. I have 3 sequels to write and deliver in the next few months, so I needed something to sort of cleanse the palette. My political satire doesn’t sell on Amazon, but it does well at conventions.

Congrats on the sale! There is still a huge market for Urban Fantasy.


First novel accepted at a small press, a WWI-era aviation portal fantasy. This has been bouncing around for four years now and has a ludicrous number of query and direct submission rejections. More details after contract signing and official announcement. Oddly enough, it looks like it will come out before the novella I sold a couple of months ago.




Thanks! And while I’m at it, flash story out today: