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More like how the Wgasa Railway at San Diego’s Wild Animal Park got named.

Or Nome, Alaska?

On the slight chance you’re not joking, it stands for “New Technology”.

“New Technology” was retrofitted in for marketing well after NT was available to the public (though it was only really used on high-end servers at that time). There is no definitive answer as to what it meant to begin with.

Now being somewhat distantly associated with the travel industry (ITA) I think it is within my power to get the official answer to this important question.

Actually, I hate to pull rank here, but I post on a msg board where a couple of guys who are very, very closely connected to the original founders (one is, like, the son of the former CEO or something). And I’ve been able to get the definitive answer:

“I don’t know.”

Seriously. Nobody knows.

Some things just get forgotten and lost I guess. :)

Yep, a retcon.

“Originally, we were targeting NT to the Intel i860, a RISC processor that was horribly behind schedule. Because we didn’t have any i860 machines in-house to test on, we used an i860 simulator. That’s why we called it NT, because it worked on the ‘N-Ten.’”

For what it’s worth.

I always understood it to have meant “Networking Technology” first, as it was a pre-95 version of Windows intended for networked computers. As it gained popularity, the name was changed to “New Technology” to make it more marketable.