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The other white meat.

High Sierra is released today.

Nope. Other people can be the guinea pigs.

An important caveat are for those with Fusion Drive or spinny hd desktop Macs. Apparently the new file system will not work with those. It’s meant entirely for all-flash Macs, mostly laptops here.


… and there is already a zero-day exploit. Probably mostly scary for shady apps you already have installed more than random executables you receive in the mail because unless you’re grandma/pa, are you really going to run it?


I might install on my fusion drive iMac tonight. Everything I use claims to be compatible. macOS updates have been pretty boring for quite awhile though, so I might just wait a few days.

Edit: after reading the Ars Technica review. There is no point in updating yet. Buggy, no APFS, and no interesting new features.


I installed it. Took a little bit over an hour, installed fine, and seems absolutely identical to the previous version.

That exploit applies to previous versions also, so there’s no reason not to update. Everybody says the APFS conversion is flawless too. I haven’t seen a single report of it causing problems. Works fine with encryption enabled too.


That was my experience, too. I spent a few minutes looking for differences and then gave up.


Installed it on my 2017 MBP - no problems even with my third party system apps. My only complaint so far is that iMessages no longer supports Google Talk. I realize this is Google’s fault, however. I still talk to people on Google and there’s no thick client app going forward. Stupid hangouts.


Installed, no issues. The Photos app is slightly less crappy, haven’t found much else different.