All Things Star Trek - The General (Chang) Thread

Yep, like I said, I understand where his argument is coming from, but from my perspective they shit the bed in the future, so there’s no point it setting anything else there…

Where’s the Enterprise-G show with Captain Seven of Nine? That’s what we want!

Without Raffi. That character is annoying. Everyone else is great.

Raffi grew on me. I so wanted a show where her and Worf fight crimes and solve mysteries, but I’ll take her as first officer to Seven.

Watching early episodes of Enterprise really reminded me of this lengthy, yet hilarious read. WTF, humans?

I included the actual image because the thing I found summarizing it whited out the swear words. Fuck that.

As someone who is only about to finish TNG season 2… that explains so much about the Federation.

Hahahah right?

Wait a minute: how do we know that warp core malfunctions and time travel shenanigans don’t happen to other civilizations? Not like we have an Romulan or Klingon Trek series to show us one way or another. Actually, we have at least one documented occurrence of time travel shenanigans happening to a Romulan in an episode of Strange New Worlds.

Those Romulans had a purpose. Humans did it by accident.

Sure that’s nice and all that they were trying to do things, but I’m not convinced that they don’t screwed over by space gods and quirky physics as everyone else.

Hoooboy. Not sure how to feel about this.

In my opinion it’s the better of the two options they were facing (the other being Sony Pictures), but that’s damning with faint praise.

This is the entire premise of Farscape. Human shows up, is a lunatic genius whose go-to strat is YOLO, fucks up the whole galactic hegemony.

Huh, maybe I should give Farscape another whirl. I bounced off it when I tried to watch it when it came out.

I love this show.

The first season is weak, it doesn’t find its footing until the end of that season when they swap villains.

Farscape is seriously goofy, but it did have some interesting ideas.

Very much this. Brilliant show, though, and even the early stuff pays off down the road in unexpected ways.

Wow - Paul Giamatti will be Starfleet Academy’s villain.

Ohhhhhhh shit. I wonder if there will be a merlot problem at the academy.

Since he’s also going to be in the Hostel series, I hope they combine the roles.