All you GTA Online players are screwing up the single player DLC for Grand Theft Auto V


I login into this and just walk around at gawk at the world they have created. Really defines ‘seamless’ in that no matter what dark sewer pipe or random trench you go down there is always content there. I mean literally, i enjoy just walking and driving around. And it looks pretty great on PC.


Are you talking about the single player game? Or did you walk around in GTA Online? If the latter, don’t other players come up to you randomly and kill you while you’re walking around? That’s what happened to me the only few times I tried GTA Online.


You can go into a single player session of GTA Online. It leaves you free to muck about in the online version of the game by yourself. It will end as soon as you take part in any multiplayer event like a race or deathmatch.


But there’s not a whole lot of point to playing GTA Online in single player right? Not much to do except wander around and sightsee, at least the last time I played which I guess has been a while.


People like fooling around with the Race Creator system and then messing with the physics.

And there are cars and clothing (lots and lots of clothing) not available in single player.


I mean I literally take pictures! I really do just stand there astonished at the world. I’ll post some tonight.


I agree about the world. It really is amazing. The game I kept comparing it to in my head is always Midnight Club: LA. I love MC: LA, but I think GTA V does a better job of recreating LA as a fake city than MC: LA does in trying to recreate the real city. And they really did fill it with an astonishing amount of detail.


Oh, in the online world.

I really need to go figure out how to take flying lessons, get a plane or a boat, etc. I’m way beyond grinding for this stuff so I just threw a $20 at Rockstar and got a bunch of Rockcoins to buy some nice stuff.

GTA V especially is artistic/simulationist in the way it portrays the experience of driving and moving around in an American city; no other game comes close imo. The open world does need more ‘stuff’ to do besides shooting stuff which they’ve gone a long ways towards fixing with all those heists. I actually wish they’d provide awards like in the single player game, like taking pictures of animals or exploring the environment. A hilarious thing would be to become an Uber-like driver for NPCs.

The one annoying thing about logging in solo is that there is no way to do that directly. You have to start single player and login to solo that way. If you switch characters you get tossed into the zoo again. But since I putter around on the outskirts I usually won’t be bothered.


Freemode doesn’t really get interesting till you have a million dollars on hand and unlock VIP work. Some of the missions like the assassination tasks can be pretty fun. I’ve purchased an office and also started doing the CEO work. That adds more missions to freemode in addition to VIP work. I have a cargo warehouse and this lets you do cargo missions in freemode. Some of those are fun and some are a grind. The danger with these is other players can intercept you and get your cargo. CEO missions are only open in public lobbies but I found a glitch that lets me have a solo public lobby that no one joins so I can run those missions hassle free. Im aboiut to have enough money to buy a vehicle warehouse that allows to do the high end vehicle theft missions, which is apparently where the real money is. I haven’t messed with the motorcycle clubs because I’ve read they’re kind of glitchy. but that also adds more freemode missions. If you’re new and don’t have a lot of money you can be an associate and work for a VIP or CEO help them with their missions. Associates can be handy because if you have to deliver a lot of cargo it goes a lot quicker with help. The only downside of being an associate is the payout is lot less than a VIP or CEO. If your CEO sets a high commission you can get a decent payout though.

I also recommend getting a Buzzard as soon as possible. It makes some missions way easier and it is a huge time saver to quickly fly from your office to your warehouses. One plus of being a CEO is you can request your chopper and it appears close by. No more having to run to a helipad to get one.


Dang, I thought it was just driving around and shooting other players. You make GTA Online sound fun.


It can be fun, but the random pubs are cancer. I had some fun messing around with my friends in our own private universe. From what I recall, the processing of getting into the private instance wasn’t nearly as streamlined as I would have liked, though.


I agree, pubs can be a cancer. I try not to do CEO work when other players are in the lobby. I use a glitch with the playlists to get a solo public lobby. Some people say you can unplug your router cable for a few seconds to do that but I haven’t tested it yet.


Its fun if you have enough money to get the toys and missions. If you’re broke you’re going to be grinding a long time unless some hacker joins the server and dumps a lot of cash on you.

Or if you can find a mission with 3 reasonable competent players which should net you a lot of money in much shorter time than it would’ve gained you cash by doing missions such as Survival mode or w.e…

I’m level 34 and have 750.000 + a cheap apartment. I have no access to plan heists or a motorcycle club as these require a even more expensive investment.

My last Mission was a failure because the host disconnected after one of the randoms on the mission proceeded to fail on every attempt we did. Before that I did a 2 player mission with a friend (who has stopped playing) and I got 2-300.000 from it, or thereabouts. My last survival mission nettet me 18.000 and it took 2 x the time of the 2 player Heist.


On TakeTwo’s earnings call, it was announced that Grand Theft Auto V has sold-through 75 million lifetime units by Dec 31st, 2016.

In terms of financial performance, Take-Two pulled in $476.5 million in revenue, up 15 percent compared to $414.2 million last year. GTA V, GTA Online, WWE 2K17, NBA 2K17, and Civilization VI were called out as being the largest contributors to revenue during the period.

Revenue from digital content jumped 64 percent to $240.2 million, up from $146.4 million. Additionally, “recurrent consumer spending,” which includes microtransactions, DLC, and virtual currency, made up 39 percent of digital revenue and 20 percent of total revenue. GTA V, GTA Online, Civilization VI, and NBA 2K17 were mentioned as being the largest contributors here.[/quote]


Does that make it the best selling game of all time?

Let’s see, looking up on google, here’s what I got:

Wikipedia Entry says:

Tetris: 495 million
Minecraft: 107.86 million
Wii Sports: 82.78 million
GTA V: 75 million (someone has already updated the wiki page)
Super Mario Bros: 40.24 million

So number 4 of all time. Not bad. I bet it can catch up to Wii Sports.

EDIT: I added Super Mario Bros, the number 5 game of all time to add context to how far ahead of other games this is.


I think that’s all the Wii pack-in copies, so I’m not even sure I’d count that on an apples-to-apples sales basis. Not that 82 million units of anything is something to sneeze at.


I was going to say the same thing, but GTA V also was a pack-in for PS3 for a while too. Not the same thing, certainly, but part of that 75 million units is the pack-in copies too I bet, even though it might not be the majority of the copies like with Wii Sports and Super Mario Bros.



Apparently, there were a few retailer-specific PS4 GTA V bundles as well. I can’t imagine the total sum of the bundles exceeds a million units, but I’m sure they count in the 75 million.


God damn Tetris sold a lot of copies. Who got all that money?


Putin, obviously. Or Gorbachev?