All your base are belong to us

Did you know it says this on the front page?

Not for me, even after reloading it.

All your base do belong to us, though.

Also, you are a big mouse.

Yes, it does. I’ve often enjoyed that.

Should we tell them where? ;)

I found it in the source code…

No need to keep it such a big surprise… it’s the ALT tag when you pause your mouse over the big logo on the front page.


You ruined Christmas!

The people responsible have been sacked.

Paper or plastic?

Sometimes I get the feeling that this forum has been been “completed in an entirely different style at great expense and at the last minute” by 142 Mexican Whooping Llamas.


But have the people responsible for the people who are sacking those who are responsible been sacked?

Set us up the bomb!

Just out of interest, what game was all that actually from?


Pure hilarity!

I pronounce it to be the most whimsical jape of the season!

Zero-Wing, an old side-scroll space shooter.

  • Alan

Now don’t make me quote your wet balls and german porn star line, Gary.

Now don’t make me quote your wet balls and german porn star line, Gary.[/quote]
Come on, that was totally whimsical. Shit, but whimsical.

My favorite quote about Zero Wing, courtesy of Zany Video Game Quotes:

Note: THIS IS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE. Please take your signs down at your WWF events.

Although I do have a great video tape of me drunkenly re-enacting the entire Zero Wing opening cut scene on the midnight streets of Paris with a girlfriend.