All your children are belong to us,1074,1161338,00.html

:shock: :shock: :shock:

Worse than that - this bill is actually worded so as to imply that all home educators are child abusers and should be treated as such! This is more dreadful beurocracy driven nanny-statism. Crap like this is why I emigrated.

I’m not familiar with the bill, and the article doesn’t really provide too many details. Tyrion, can you fill us yanks in on the finer points?

Basically, in the disguise of child safety advocacy the state is attempting to take away parental rights. I’ll be surprised if this gets through both houses.

What rights is it attempting to take away? Not arguing with you - just, as I said, not familiar with the bill.

On that topic, I saw an episode of Bad Girls last night, where a bit of the absurdity of the so-called “nanny state” got through to me.
Chelle: “I’m going to tell the SOCIAL SERVICES on you!”
Mom: “No! Anything but that! Please!”
Social services, indeed a force more powerful than even saying Ni! at old women!