All your iraq are belong to u.s

you can guess what’s on that site, don’t complain to me if you can’t take a joke.

You know if Bush actually sounded like that I might be able to respect him a bit.

That is amazingly lame. When it first started i thought it might be decent for what it is - but come on, what made the original funny was how they worked the words into the images, not just some lame cartoon line to text.


that’s true chet, but the aybabtu flash people had the results of zillions of photoshop competitions to draw from for their source pics. maybe if SA or Fark had some ayiabtu photoshop competitions then someone could make a flash up to your high standards :wink:

EDIT: i cant spel.

i can take a joke, i just can’t take any more ayb.



All your base?