Alliance of the Sacred Suns - if CK2, Stellaris, and MOO3 (Emrich Edition) had a strategy baby


Also, I would take a look at how stuff like War in the East does things. That game has an insane level of detail, but it abstracts it to sensible numbers (in the 0-100 range, mostly) showing strength values and whatnot. That kind of higher level abstraction can allow for getting a quick high level overview (and to interact at that high level) while also allowing for getting into the details (and maybe interacting at that level too).


btw, is save game working yet? The game says I have saved successfully, but the load button turns red and never works. But that may be my computer, which has been doing weird stuff lately.


I am sure a lot has changed. But I think it gives an idea of the kinds of things you spend your time on in the game.


So, the ultimate goal is to fight off the Xyl invasion. So some questions here:

  1. When do they came? What determines when they come? Do that come around turn X, give or take Y number of turns each game? Or is their arrival based upon something you do or do not do?
  2. Will you have any warning that they are on the way? Will there be reported sightings? Raids/skirmishes somewhere along the outer worlds? Or do they pop up all at once, loaded for bear?
  3. How do you defeat the Xyl? Is it merely defeating them in X number of battles? Or hold a certain percentage of the galaxy or number of systems/planets for Y turns after the invasion? Or do you have to invade and conquer their worlds (are they even on the map somewhere?)


You should put this on the main page of your website. I was looking for just this information a couple of days ago, when I first saw this topic, but couldn’t find it.

Now that I know, I’ve bought the game and I’m looking forward to trying it out.


How is combat implemented?


Wasn’t there a thing a while ago about Steam not wanting developers to promise Steam keys in the future? I can’t remember the specifics, but it came up with Rimworld.


I didn’t know that, although it wouldn’t surprise me.

But don’t all pc kickstarters essentially do this? Or did they stop doing it?


I think they can still give them out, they just can’t say they are going to. I could be wrong on this anyway, maybe someone else knows how it works?


I am certainly not an expert about any aspect of the game, but the top center of the interface does say what turn # the Xyl are expected, and their expected strength.

My memory of reading and watching various materials was that it started with skirmishes in the outer areas? Not sure.


Isn’t one of the victory conditions having greater strength by that turn? Ever get the save game issue sorted out? If saving isn’t working I may hold off until it is.


You should have a Kickstarter tier of $3,000 or so in which you personally deliver a physical copy of the game to the buyer’s door.

That way he can say he got his ASS handed to him.


I could not play today – a dog crisis led to many veterinarian hours. But I have not heard back from anyone as to whether the saves are working for them… I would not go by my machine, a laptop that I bought for traveling, and which has has wasted a ridiculous number of hours as I research why it is doing weird things.


I’m not aware of anyone else having save issues. I do know that larger games take a while and it looks like it’s ‘frozen’ but it is working. That was an issue in the forums.


That is ****ing brilliant. I don’t think I’d actually do it but who knows… 😆


It’s basically a die roll against relative strength at that point, but that is a placeholder for an entire system that will come in .9.


This is somewhat of a ‘placeholder’ for the actual system that is waaaaaaayyyyy more in-depth. As well it should, since it’s the apex of the final version of the game. But basically, you are the only person who knows the Xyl are coming because you have latent psychic abilities that let them ‘talk’ to you of a sort, and your ultimate goal is to reunite the old Terran Alliance under the flag of the Celestial Empire to fight off the Xyl once and for all. They are trying to generate soul bio energy to allow their lost leader to ‘recension’ back into this dimension, but there is some twists to that that I won’t spoil here. The end game will be you fighting the Xyl both psychically and using military means to keep them from killing the Pops on planets and taking their bio-energy to power the recension process.


Uh … Yeah Grif … after that explanation it’s obvious… (I may need to check with my favorite astronomer on some of those concepts…)


AFAIK I haven’t heard anything about that, other than to not promise something that is not guaranteed to exist in a set amount in the future, much like anything else I suppose…


When do Xenu and the thetans show up?
[Note to self - new band definitely to be named Xenu and the Thetans]