Alliance of the Sacred Suns - if CK2, Stellaris, and MOO3 (Emrich Edition) had a strategy baby


I’m not aware of anyone else having save issues. I do know that larger games take a while and it looks like it’s ‘frozen’ but it is working. That was an issue in the forums.


That is ****ing brilliant. I don’t think I’d actually do it but who knows… 😆


It’s basically a die roll against relative strength at that point, but that is a placeholder for an entire system that will come in .9.


This is somewhat of a ‘placeholder’ for the actual system that is waaaaaaayyyyy more in-depth. As well it should, since it’s the apex of the final version of the game. But basically, you are the only person who knows the Xyl are coming because you have latent psychic abilities that let them ‘talk’ to you of a sort, and your ultimate goal is to reunite the old Terran Alliance under the flag of the Celestial Empire to fight off the Xyl once and for all. They are trying to generate soul bio energy to allow their lost leader to ‘recension’ back into this dimension, but there is some twists to that that I won’t spoil here. The end game will be you fighting the Xyl both psychically and using military means to keep them from killing the Pops on planets and taking their bio-energy to power the recension process.


Uh … Yeah Grif … after that explanation it’s obvious… (I may need to check with my favorite astronomer on some of those concepts…)


AFAIK I haven’t heard anything about that, other than to not promise something that is not guaranteed to exist in a set amount in the future, much like anything else I suppose…


When do Xenu and the thetans show up?
[Note to self - new band definitely to be named Xenu and the Thetans]


Have I missed when you said the Kickstarter will begin @Texashawk?


Yes. I reinstalled to a user-defined location (not sure if that was the difference) and it now seems to save and load fine.


No, you haven’t. I’m basically waiting for one item to resolve and then I should know the status of the KS. Believe me, when it starts I’ll shout the date to the high heavens!! :-)


Just uploaded version 7.0.4. Lots of changes and additions. Read more here:

For those who own, enjoy!!



Now I know what I am going to be doing today. :)

Really looking forward to the Intel/Secrets/Plot system.


Just an FYI for those struggling to learn the game: Next week’s update will be a large one, so it will be 7.1.0. It will focus almost exclusively on tooltipping and adding help screens. I plan to have virtually every icon tooltipped and every screen documented!


Excellent news!


And that will be when I dive in.


If I buy now, will I get a Steam key if ever released on that platform? I will be happy to support the game but do not want to have to repurchase if/when it is launched on Steam.


Yes this was mentioned above


Very good news! I’ve been wondering where all the tooltips were hiding. :)


I just want to point out that video game development is just a side business for The Texas Hawk


Dayum! We got us some Renaissance Men developers in @Texashawk and @tbaldree and @Rod_Humble to name just three.