Alliance of the Sacred Suns - if CK2, Stellaris, and MOO3 (Emrich Edition) had a strategy baby

So you’re not ‘locked into’ the screen - you can minimize it (it will show as an alert awaiting action) but you won’t be able to process the next turn until you answer. But yes, you can look at whatever you want until you reopen it and give a response!


Steve, I’m posting this here because I haven’t been approved for the official forum yet -

Even with music and interface sounds turned off, I get a loud static-y buzz when examining characters - bad enough to make the game unplayable unless I kill sounds completely within Windows.

Has anyone else reported this? What can be done about it?

I couldn’t find anything on the site about Operating System. Is it Windows only?

It’s Windows, MAC, and Linux.


Waitwait, there’s a Mac version?

So technically yes. Unity allows multi builds of Linux and Mac. If there is interest, all I have to do is build a new Mac or Linux executable and installer for each version. So is there interest? If so, I will offer both starting tomorrow! 😁

It does, but there’s always the possibility of things not working. The engine also has some simple common bugs on Linux now and then that need a quickly googled solution.
The game seemed to work fine in Wine, but I’m still in no rush to play it. I’d be happy to see if it (superficially) works, though, if you need it.
If you think you can offer support, you should definitely send an email to gamingonlinux for advertisement.

Yes. If there’s a working Mac version, I’m buying.

Just an update - version .7.2.1 has been released! Also, if you’re still on the fence, or haven’t played in a whole, check out the list of changes since .7 here:


How do I get this? Trying to download from the website I get asked to pay again, and the link that came in my confirmation email last month still goes to 7.1

The game auto updates itself. Just launch it.


Steve, when you click ‘About AotSS’ on your website, it takes you to your blog. I’d suggest a one-paragraph or so description of the game would be helpful there instead. I went looking for one and couldn’t find it.

EDIT: Never mind, I realize the home page has the description I was looking for. D’oh!

I bought the game today and I’m having the same problem – game won’t save. Will try this idea.

Hmmm… I may have borked something with the load function with the last update. Please let me know if that works, otherwise I should have it fixed in the next update (coming later this week - I’m on vacation!!!)


Yes, uninstalling and then re-installing into a non-default location fixed the save game issue. I installed it to this:


I have to say, though, it is very disappointing that you can’t play this without an initial online patching check. I wanted to play on my laptop, on the train, without WiFi, but it just hangs at that screen and there’s no way to move on.

Also – do you anticipate multiple save game slots at some point? In case a save file gets corrupted, that would bring peace of mind to at least be able to roll back to an earlier save.

Oh, by the way, the link to your Discord server on your twitter page is wrong, the final two characters of the address. It says but it actually is


I agree. That’s something I’ll fix for the next update. Good catch! As a user, would you prefer a) It not check at all without a manual request b) Not check if there’s not WiFi, and/or c) be allowed to bypass the check with a warning that they may not have the newest version?

Yes. That will come next month.

Fixed it. Apparently, my profile quote was too long and it cut off the last few characters. I am a team of 1 and this stuff can easily get behind me. Thanks!