Alliance of the Sacred Suns - if CK2, Stellaris, and MOO3 (Emrich Edition) had a strategy baby

Awesome. Can’t wait to fire it up again.

Here’s an example of the new Action that lets you reassign Characters.

FYI, Posting the .7.4.0 changelist tomorrow. It is the largest changelist I have ever written. A must-get! 6 pages of changes/updates/fixes!

@Texashawk was this delayed?

He really should spam here more, I just use his twitter’s RSS feed for news.

I know Stee has been working furiously on the game, but I’m waiting for him to finish that guide to the first 5 turns he started a few weeks back.

Theupdate doesn’t appear to be out yet. Unless I’m having some sort of weird problem.

Still nothing. Nor any update since on his twitter for a week. Weird.

@Texashawk you ok?

Per Discord:

Hey everyone! I’m not dead! Just been super busy at work - we’re rolling out a company-changing new initiative and while I hope to be able to do this full-time (soon!) I’m not quite there yet. But I will send the changelog today. Pinkie swear!

Excellent, thanks.

On a scale of Barkley 2 to Total War, with Conquest of Elysium 4, say, a solid 5, how playable is this right now would you guys say? As in, how legible, “complete” (in that I could finish a game with the systems that are in place), etc? It sounds fairly opaque at the moment, but it’s not clear to me how far you can get before petering out, or if you can go all the way (or really what that even entails).

I’d say a 2. I didn’t even get through the first turn.

It has potential, and I’m going to wait it out, but unless you’re somewhat masochistic, just skip it for now.

I mean I did just do a Demon’s Souls playthrough, but I guess I’ll sit on this for a bit, thanks. Definitely gonna get it eventually, though.

I will say that the new update adds a TON of features with Intel, Influence, etc. I would highly recommend reading part 1 of the guide I posted earlier if you want to know what you’re getting yourself into. My goal is to produce several tutorial videos over the next several months. The game itself is mostly stable and there are win/loss conditions, but the help and documentation are certainly rough. That’s why it’s 9.99 right now.

Here’s the link to the first part of the guide (note: does not include Intel, but is an excellent overview of the concepts in AotSS)

Will the game starting file that corresponds to the guide be obsoleted with the new update?

Probably. 😵 It’s got a whole new major system included, so yeah. I will try to load it tonight on my system and see if it will work!

In the spirit of making the documentation better, what kept you from finishing the turn?

I know you directed the question at @Shuma but I also couldn’t finish that first turn, because of difficulty in swapping Viceroys. So the new ability to autoswap them should help that. I decided to revisit the game, and the guide, once that is added in.

But obviously Shuma may have had other reasons…

It’s a little difficult to remember since I played it a few months ago. I’ll give it my best go, though.

I remember right off the bat wanting to look at my character, the emperor. The docs I read seemed to indicate you could, and that skilling up yourself was an important thing to do early. I couldn’t figure out how to do any of those things, so I eventually gave up trying. I figured it was still to be added or was removed. If the latter, I’d say that’s a shame since I feel the emperor role should be central to the gameplay.

From there it was complete flailing as I tried to understand what was even worth doing. Assessing the dizzying amount of numbers and icons is extremely difficult, especially since there are no tooltips. Then there’s the question of what to do. There are so many choices of actions and planets that it was paralyzing. You are dumped into a pre-built civilization that has several planets in a 4X with 50-100 characters, each with 50 stats, most of which are irrelevant. It’s analysis paralysis to the extreme.

Just for learning purposes, it would be worth looking at dialing back the initial scale of the start. This isn’t like being dropped into medieval France where I have history to draw from to contextualize and understand what’s going on. I am dropped into an unfamiliar galaxy with unfamiliar planets, houses, and characters. It doesn’t even play like any 4X I’ve ever played, so there’s a huge learning curve there as well.

There’s simply too much information, and most of it isn’t that important. I’m sure you get better at sifting through it over time, but to me, the effort wasn’t worth it. Perhaps there’s great intellectual payoff as you learn and master these systems, but currently the barrier to understanding seems insurmountable.

It’s harsh feedback, I realize. This thread has been largely extremely positive, so I’ve been reluctant to unload. I also realize it’s early days still. However, I see systemic issues even if tutorial, documentation, and UI issues are ironed out. I think your time is better spent simplifying the design and presenting more meaningful information rather than trying to battle human nature and make better and better tutorials and documentation.

I am curious to see how 1.0 turns out since I am very interested in the elevator pitch version of this game.

Also, there is a decided lack of pew-pew. If nothing else, this must be rectified.

Wow that post is awesome.