Alliance of the Sacred Suns - if CK2, Stellaris, and MOO3 (Emrich Edition) had a strategy baby

Nice. Looking forward to giving it a shot.

Well, I was gonna try this, but when I go to the website and click on the link for 7.4, it takes me to the page to buy it (which I have already done), and when I click the 7.3 link in my purchase confirmation email, it downloads a “file” that’s ~400MB but won’t run even when renamed to file.exe.


The update is done in-game, after loading the older version.

I can’t load the older version, because the download link in my purchase email just shoves me a 400MB “file” (that is literally the name of the file that downloads) that doesn’t run as an executable, even when renamed to “file.exe”. I’ve never installed it before now, was waiting for the new version.

Go to your account on the website and you should have a ‘downloads’ tab. That will always have the latest full install executable. I updated it to .7.4 this afternoon.

Yes, this is where I went first, and when I click on the link there, which looks like this:

I get taken here:

Possible clue: if I click on the Orders link, it says my order status is “Processing”. Order was June 21st, and according to PayPal, I have been charged…

Edit: Anyway, we should probably take this to DMs if it’s gonna require any “tech support” rather than doing it in-thread.

For those wondering, we figured out the issue and he has the latest version!

They’re at 597.

As a bit of news, our Steam Page has been submitted for approval and hopefully will go live early next week! 🤞


Congrats! Which leads to the obvious question… will us early adopters get Steam keys?

I’m pretty sure Steve already indicated we would.

That 600th follower was… me! Thanks for the heads up!

Very cool, hope you enjoy the game.

And if I qualify as a referrer, we’ll find another lucky regular ;)

Me too! @Texashawk :)


I can go with that, since it sounds like ooomalley was referred through this forum. If y’all know a Qto3ite that you think would love this game, nominate them in this thread and I’ll pick one tomorrow!


I would suggest one of this thread’s frequent posters (see first post for list) who does not already have it.

Yes, I absolutely was referred though this forum. Thanks again!

Hmmm… well, it seems all of the most frequent posters already have the game! Thanks!.. but it still leaves me with an orphaned game code! :-p