Alliance of the Sacred Suns - if CK2, Stellaris, and MOO3 (Emrich Edition) had a strategy baby

I’m guessing the new game announcement on Matrix with the starfield background is the publisher announcement for this?

There is supposed to be some Distant Worlds 2 news by the end of the year, so it could be that as well. We’ll have to tune in to find out! Or perhaps yet another title:

Yeah, it’s come along way from the first UI I saw. Everything is much more consistent and laid out much better.

That looks like a totally different title. Note it says by the creators of “Order of Battle”. And doesn’t that look like one of the bugs from Starship Troopers?

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been around much - been busy making a game! Here’s a fairly lengthy update about the game progress:



PS: the long-awaited tutorial LP will be coming out this week. Pinky swear.

A new update just went out:


This build adds/updates the following features:

Military System Core

  • Added core functionality – Military Manager, Units, unit data reader

  • Added basic UI – Planet/System Military Value, Military Power is now factored into House

  • Power & your Power

  • Added military academies and warship factories to planet UI

  • Added military Pops to planet UI

  • NOTE! This milestone only adds the underlying core functionality and data objects. As a player, you won’t ‘see’ anything amazing yet – next milestone will focus almost entirely on the military system.

Updated UI System

  • Further update of main UI system

  • Added new event pics

  • Added new nebula effects

  • Added economic/overview planet panels

  • Updated UIManager to update panels much quicker (you won’t have to leave a planet, then come to another planet, then go back to the same planet to see updates to planet/systems when something happens)

  • Updated all system boxes except for military

  • Updated all galaxy labels except for military

  • Updated Story/Event UI, specifically with Prime effects on choices

  • Updated all Comm UIs

  • Start integration of new tooltip system that gives much more information about the ‘how’ for a number, also adding flavor quotes to most tooltips to expand universe immersion

Updated portraits/Unique Portrait System

  • 110 unique portraits in game, wrote system to prevent duplicates – now each character has a unique portrait in-game

  • Working on layers with artist – currently only small layers such as facial ornaments work, looking to expand to clothes/hair

New Global Events

  • 20 Events in this build

Emperor System Updates

  • Personal Development System has been added, including the UI. This is a node system where you generate personal development points by interacting with characters through conversation, Events, Stories, and Projects. These let you select traits that slowly shape your emperor and give them bonus/malus to certain things, as well as determine the amount of guilt they feel when ordering negative Actions/Projects

  • Tweaked other portions of UI

  • NOTE: Still need to implement tooltips so that players can see the effects of the trait. Will add ASAP.

Celestial Council System

  • Added ability to ‘lobby’ characters to change their vote – hover over their vote and you will see how much Power it will take to change their vote by 50% - the more they dislike you, the more Power it will cost to change their vote

  • Added concept of ‘negative’ bills – certain bills are harmful to the power of the Emperor (such as limiting power) and the Council will vote on these bills depending on their relationship with you and to a lesser extent the relationship their House has with your House

  • Added alerts for when a bill is proposed

  • Improved and cleaned up UI somewhat, including returning to the overview screen

New Actions

  • Heal Character – you can spend from your treasury to heal a character who is not at least Fine health. This will cost more if they are older, if you have done it before, and how unhealthy they are. It will result in a significant bonus for your relationship and a small bonus for the Emperor Reputation


  • Reduced significantly (by around 2/3) the number of characters generated at the start of the game and wrote new civilization setup process to only generate characters ‘on the fly’ as needed. This greatly focuses gameplay and allows players to focus on more specific character relationships as opposed to a cast of thousands

  • Changed year from 9 turns to 4 and reset for seasons. This fits more in line with the timescale/theme of the game.

  • Added a base build capability for planets that don’t have any staffed factories so they can at least build something

  • Added ‘critical stop’ on turns where you can reset your science so players won’t forget to do so, similar to budget

  • Revised Power calculations so that they are generally lower – House Leaders will now have a power around 250, Province/Sys Govs around 150, Viceroys around 100, and Courtiers around 50, plus a bonus for being on the Celestial Council. You will generally start off with a power around 250-300 depending on the size of the game

Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements

  • all reported bugs on Discord have been addressed in this build. Game is now stable through 10 year sessions, and save games are stable (fixed several issues with save games in preparation for an extensive LP series)

@Texashawk also started a new video tutorial series. I hope he actually finishes this series. :)

This change is welcome:

Reduced significantly (by around 2/3) the number of characters generated at the start of the game and wrote new civilization setup process to only generate characters ‘on the fly’ as needed. This greatly focuses gameplay and allows players to focus on more specific character relationships as opposed to a cast of thousands.

Do you know when this will start being sold on Steam?

We look to have early access available around the end of May/early June!

Since he is still way too shy on spamming the forum:

I thought he said earlier in this thread (months ago) that some publisher picked it up. He never said who? Steam doesn’t list anything.

Good question. Maybe it fell through.

No, it didn’t. This publisher is just very particular about making sure that the time is right before they launch their publishing campaign. I should be able to let everyone know who the publisher is in a few weeks. Sorry I haven’t been posting here more! I’ll rectify that going forward!


This is looking awesome.

But I sure hope you include a good dictionary of acronyms. :)

Well, I can tell you that the next major update (.9.1) will finally have a full tutorial for every screen, as well as new tooltips!


Any chance of a new AAR in the immediate future?

Yes! In fact, this weekend I will be updating the character screen and the comm screen, and after that about 90% of the UI will have been updated, as well as 95% of the content! Look for it next week!


Will we be able to buy it Early Access or have to wait until it it final?

It will be available sometime during summer in all likelihood. No final date but I recommend putting it on your wishlist and join the thousands(!) of others who have already done so!


Already there!

Thanks! Tell your friends! 😀