Alliance of the Sacred Suns - if CK2, Stellaris, and MOO3 (Emrich Edition) had a strategy baby

Thanks! It’s a specific use case - since the lockdowns I’ve been stuck with gaming only on my work laptop. Which means no Steam - although I can install other direct downloads oddly enough. Still, other games like Rimworld have found the model successful.

Will this free you up to make a video guide all the way through?

Absolutely! I can’t wait to show off a new LP with all EA features in place!

Holy crap that looks good.

So as part of the ‘next step’ analysis as we prepare for the EA release, I made a ‘decision map’ of some of the ways a player could solve a problem in AotSS. Obviously, we want the player to have a lot of freedom when they are trying to get things done, and I wanted to show just how much choice the player has. This is a decision map of a fairly common issue in AotSS - a system governor won’t participate in the supply network. Here is a partial decision map of what you could do in response: Keep in mind this is not a complete list, just some of the more obvious things:

How to Get a System Governor to rejoin the supply network:

  • Intimidate him

    • Use Intimidation Skill
    • Use Military Force
      • Use Oppress Planet mission
      • Use Bombard Planet mission
  • Use Pressure

    • Ask Province Governor to pressure them
    • Ask House Leader to pressure them
  • Use Inquisitors (Special Ops)

    • Blackmail him
    • Kill him
    • Intimidate him
    • Steal from his personal treasury
    • Investigate him if he is part of a Plot, and if he is, arrest and exile or kill him
  • Reduce his power so that he is forced to agree

    • Issue a Public Challenge
    • Threaten him publicly
    • Call out his performance publicly
    • Reduce the class of his system (adding classes to systems and provinces – S,A,B,C,D – the higher class, the more Power the governor has)
      • Encourage migration out of the system
        • Terraform other planets
        • Colonize new systems nearby to encourage migration out
        • Create a new province one Constellation over
        • Install poor Viceroys who can drive the planet into the ground and cause Pops to leave
      • Close down the Imperial Logistical Network so people can’t travel and trade can’t happen (economy will start to decay and people will be pissed)
      • Bombard the planets (devastation damage will reduce planet value, affecting system value)
    • Deny a request he makes to you
  • Use kindness

    • Help him out
      • Give him money
      • Build a System Project that will be beneficial to his system (and possibly improve its rank)
      • Give him a gift
      • Get to know him
      • Invite him to join your House
        • This may require lowering the Power of his House, which is a whole new topic!
      • Heal him if he his sick (this will also help your relations with the House)
      • Assist in his current goal (money, power, helping a friend, etc)
      • Raise his standing within the Empire
        • Give a praising speech
        • Support him publicly
        • Include him on a Project as a Project Leader
      • Help his system become more profitable (governors get taxes from their systems)
    • Help his friends out (by doing the above)
    • Hurt his enemies
      • Any of the above techniques will work
    • Build up his system by improving his planets and improving the system rank
  • Use brute force

    • Take the system back through a hostile Claim
    • Take the system back by conquering the system capital militarily
      • Invade the planet with ground troops and destroy all orbiting Forces
    • Exile the governor
    • Send Inquisitors to the planet to cause Fear on the planet
    • Ferment unrest on the capital planet
      • Use Inquisitors to stir up unrest (incite populace mission)
      • Use Inquisitors to steal food and energy supplies to cause blackouts/starvation on the capital
      • Possible end goal is an uprising that kills the viceroy and/or the system governor, but this solution has its own issues as you can probably tell
  • Reduce the Power of his House, thus reducing his own Power (Power is derived in part from the strength of the character’s House)

    • Take away planets/systems
    • Defeat them militarily
    • Humiliate/challenge the House Leader
    • Use Events to weaken a House
    • This is really its own topic, but these are some top-level examples
  • Use an economic solution

    • Move the province hub to another system if possible, taking the system out of the supply network as a primary hub
    • Request that more Academies be built on the capital planet, which will cause more Farmers to go to school to retrain for more efficient Pops like merchants, engineers, etc. This will eventually cause the Farmer supply to drop and the planet will start to run a net negative on food. Starvation is a very powerful tool to get a viceroy/governor back in line
  • Roll over like a dog

    • Use ‘Beg For Peace’ to beg the governor to do what you ask (this is very humiliating and causes a substantial loss of power, but it is effective)
    • Give up and use another strategy
  • And more!

As you can see, savvy players will have a field day with the possibilities. And keep in mind that this does not include repercussions to their House, their friends/enemies, their planet/system, etc. These are just options that you can take. Deciding which is the best for your situation is part of the fun of AotSS!


Wanted to link a development update I wrote on Steam here:

Here are also some new shots!



When is the new patch?



Is it Monday yet?


I really like how on the starmaps, you place a zodiac or some other memorable symbol over each sector. It lends the map a lot of flavor and texture. Nice design work!

Thanks! We feel the constellations are distinctive in this genre!

Did this happen? The patch, I mean. I know Monday is happening :)

I haven’t seen any indication that it is.

I was wondering myself.

Some last-minute stuff needed to be added. It’s easily the largest update ever to the game. When you play you’ll see where the time went. I’m shooting for around 3 PM CDT later today.

Looking forward to it!

ETA 3 hours!!!

It is now live!!

Posted a new feature update video just now:


I fired it up a few days ago after the update – haven’t looked at it in quiet some time, and the differences in UI and art are huge. Very impressive.

That said, I still have no idea what I’m doing in the game, and I still find the save/load approach frustrating. Will probably still wait until closer to 1.0 and when there are some tutorials. Thanks!