Alliance of the Sacred Suns - if CK2, Stellaris, and MOO3 (Emrich Edition) had a strategy baby

I was going to offer a Mozel Tov but then realized you’re probably talking about the Kickstarter. :(

Well, don’t hold back - you can celebrate the fact that AotSS is currently trending #1 in popularity for KS upcoming video games worldwide!! Thanks to all those who have either followed the project or sent it along to others (or both!) As you can see, you DO make a difference and we are so grateful!

We’re actually up to #3 (out of 1130) on all of Kickstarter for all upcoming projects now!!! If you’ve helped spread the word (or followed the project yourself) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! WOW!!!

Kickstarter is live! Still 230 spots left in the early backer 15$ beta tier (normal backer is 20$, no closed beta access)

Backed. Good luck!

Backed! First kickstarter I’ve done in awhile.

I’m a Colonist. Best of luck @Texashawk

I have backed this. Given my history with Kickstarter, I fear I may have doomed the project for us all.

Oh Great! Thanks @KevinC :)

I am so mad I didn’t get this when it was available. I’d pay $30 for a copy now if it would get me the game, but the kickstarter says it wont be available until jun for the closed beta.



I’m in. Good luck!

Thanks to everyone who has backed! We’re just about at 20% funded! We’ve been pretty consistent with pledges the last few days but we’re about to enter the ‘dead zone’ where historically backers start to flatten out. We’re far from comfortable, so if you belong to any communities like Discord, forums, Reddits, etc. and you feel good about talking about the game, it would really help!!

Same here, between us we’ve doomed this project to oblivion. Don’t hate us Steve.

I don’t hate anyone who backs! We’ll just need to be the project that bucks the curse of QT3, then!!! :-D


I just backed my about $19.20 CDN.

So we’re kind of stuck around 25% - we’re hitting that dreaded wall that a lot of KS campaigns hit after their first few days. Not to keep beating the drum, but sharing the KS info with communities that might be interested is a HUGE way for us to advertise and spread the word - after all, this thread started with a single post last year, and it’s been one of our biggest pledge referral locations!

I think part of the problem is a lot of people who would be inclined to contribute already have back when you were selling the Alpha, and may not be interested in doing so again.

Well, we’re certainly not asking for them to recontribute, although they certainly can (and some have!) What we have found is that talking about AotSS in communities where people would be interested in that sort of game (strategy communities, game communities, Paradox players, etc) has been by far the most effective for people checking out the page!