Alliance of the Sacred Suns - if CK2, Stellaris, and MOO3 (Emrich Edition) had a strategy baby

I thought he said earlier in this thread (months ago) that some publisher picked it up. He never said who? Steam doesn’t list anything.

Good question. Maybe it fell through.

No, it didn’t. This publisher is just very particular about making sure that the time is right before they launch their publishing campaign. I should be able to let everyone know who the publisher is in a few weeks. Sorry I haven’t been posting here more! I’ll rectify that going forward!


This is looking awesome.

But I sure hope you include a good dictionary of acronyms. :)

Well, I can tell you that the next major update (.9.1) will finally have a full tutorial for every screen, as well as new tooltips!


Any chance of a new AAR in the immediate future?

Yes! In fact, this weekend I will be updating the character screen and the comm screen, and after that about 90% of the UI will have been updated, as well as 95% of the content! Look for it next week!


Will we be able to buy it Early Access or have to wait until it it final?

It will be available sometime during summer in all likelihood. No final date but I recommend putting it on your wishlist and join the thousands(!) of others who have already done so!


Already there!

Thanks! Tell your friends! 😀