Alliance of the Sacred Suns - if CK2, Stellaris, and MOO3 (Emrich Edition) had a strategy baby


I always thought of you more as an Asstronaut, Tim.


“I couldn’t fall asleep last night. I just lay in bed thinking about ASS.”

I’m already a backer from whenever Space Lord Rubin first mentioned this in the space game thread.


I prefer to have my fusili pasta with Genovese pesto and through the talking hole, thank you very much for asking.



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Wow that looks great!

(Be nice you crazies!)


Pretty sure this is us being nice ;)


Oh boy. 😆


Reading through the documentation (which I know is already out of date).
Living Manual

Also recent posts on your website such as this.

Looks like a seriously complex game! One suggestion would be making a list of all those acronyms easily accessible. Newcomers are going to have a tough enough time wrapping their heads around these things, without having to constantly go look back for the meaning of those acronyms.


Thanks? My aim in the design was to make the living world lifelike as possible, but allow you to influence it through your actions and deeds, but not have an unrealistic outsized affect. Remember, most 4X games start with the ‘single backwater planet, single scout ship, single transport’ trope and don’t simulate a whole world from jump.

As far as the acronyms, I am always looking for ways to make the game more accessible, so thank you for your suggestion!



Here are some more screenshots of AotSS, for those who are interested:


That’s almost space game strategy porn. I hope Brian took his medicine…


I’ve played the thing, my friend (though not 0.7 yet) and I am seriously excited about it.


My only complain is 90% of the portraits remind me of Ziggy Stardust.


Those are some seriously sexy screens. No joke. I love all that information. Out of curiosity, @Texashawk, are you tooltipping all that? My instinct even just looking at the screenshots is to hover the mouse over the numbers to dig into what they mean and how they work.



It’s going to be tough to wait for 1.0


Looking good. And I don’t think the action points will limit the game. Every game has mechanics that limit the amount you can do in one turn, resources, diplomacy points, mana, call it what you will.

Will this be a Steam release?


Will this game support raytracing? I won’t buy it without raytracing!

Joking, obviously. @Texashawk, one of my biggest gripes with many strategy games especially of late has been the abysmal state of the AI. As a software developer (although not AI related) I understand the limitations, but what are your plans in this area? Do you have an AI developer, or is this something you’re doing along with the rest of the game? Have there been design considerations? For example with the Xyl, is it intended to be an asymmetrical game? Such a set up worked fantastic for a game like AI War. The AI was fantastic, but it was largely because the AI enemy was playing by a different set of rules… and manipulating those rules was also part of the game/strategy.

Anyway, just curious to hear your thoughts on the matter. If you’ve already discussed this elsewhere, I’d love a link to the blog/document/whatever.


Thanks! And yes, I am tooltipping all that (slowly!) Here are some examples:

Character Tooltips

House Tooltips (when you hover over a House Icon)

Icon Tooltips (when you hover over an icon on the UI)

Here’s an example of the flexibility of the UI - you can either have a basic view of a command mode (in this case, economic) or…

… you can drill down for some very specific info (and note the tooltip for farm production - these are WIP but the plan is to have custom tooltips like this for all major ‘processes’.

Does that answer your question, Tom?



It will, but anyone who buys it now will get a Steam key anyway, so if you’re just waiting for that, don’t. Early adopters will get all future updates and the key!