Alliance of the Sacred Suns - if CK2, Stellaris, and MOO3 (Emrich Edition) had a strategy baby


Thank you very much for your support! - S


I totally understand, but thank you very much regardless for your support! - S


I thought I should try to give this a fuller answer when I reread the question. Unifying the Empire means that basically you have to prepare the Empire for the final battle against the Xyl, the aliens that destroyed Earth a thousand years ago and almost did again 550 years ago. So the more Houses that ally with you and actively swear their forces to your rule, the better. This also includes finding and bring breakaway civilizations under your Empire banner, who have developed societies in half an eon that can bring some very different abilities under your rule! (note: other civs will be available starting with version .8)

Your Empire is made up of all the Great Houses, including your ruling House, and all of the Houses have Holdings (planets and systems). So while you ‘own’ everything in the Empire, you don’t have full control over Holdings that are not yours. Think of it as a demesne, if it makes it easier. You will never be able to make all the Houses happy, and you shouldn’t try,

Even though Houses are nominally loyal to you (more or less for your protection from external forces and economic factors such as trade) they don’t have to release their military to you - think of it as levys where you only have access to the % of a House military that they feel they can get away with making available without you taking more drastic measures.

As far as loyalty, you can win House loyalty (though the House Leader), you can sway individual characters to your House (not yet, but this will be in very soon), and it will be VERY important to have the loyalty of Admirals and Generals once the military system is in place.

Does that better answer your question?


I bought it too, but I better be able to stab a relative so that I end up in a war with myself real soon.


@belouski is correct - I am (slowly) developing a series of video tutorials. I hope to have a few more out this weekend. -S


LOL With the Intel system being added this cycle, you’ll be able to do much more than stab. :-) -S


Got it earlier this evening. Are you looking for feedback at this point? No worries either way.


Absolutely, with the caveat that it’s an alpha. Constructive feedback at this stage would be fantastic since I don’t have a beta test team (since I’m not at beta yet!). The more feedback I get, the better. The best place for that would be at the forums They’re not super busy but I check at least twice a day. Thanks for your support! - S


Bought as well.

I will watch the videos.


bought. good luck!

[Principally because “90% of the portraits remind me of Ziggy Stardust”. I mean invoking the prophet Dauid Bouuie has to a good thing, right?]


Oh wow, congrats dude!


I could not find a valid excuse not to buy your game. So I bought it. Good luck!


I also took the Ziggy Stardust comment as a compliment!


Game looking good…just curious, what software do you use to do the face generation?


Bought the game last night. The overall is fascinating, but I was feeling rather overwhelmed. I can see overall goals, but pretty unclear as to how to go about addressing the missing pieces so as to achieve those goals. Very glad to see the tutorial video, which I plan to watch after re-reading key parts of the documentation.

I did have a moment of severe discouragement though when looking at a project and seeing I could sort the characters by a number of things, including how much ADM and how much Admin they could bring to the table. So ADM is not Admin?

First game I started on the minimum map, every house was in a cold war with me. Not sure if that is standard or a particularly unhappy start.

Looks like a learning curve, for sure. :)


I jumped on board too. Can’t wait to see where this goes.


@Texashawk, will system requirements include dedicated graphics card or will integrated cards be supported?

Asking for a stingy friend with an Intel integrated hd 620…


A basic GC should be fine. The game isn’t that intensive graphically, so he should be good!


Yeah, they may be kind of confusing. Each Character has an Admin rating (number from 0-10 that shows how well they are at administrating Projects, how many Characters they can have for each Project, and how efficient they are in getting the most ADM out of their AOR) but ADM is used for Projects. ADM represents the supplies, materials, logistics, trained manpower, machinery, etc. needed to actually complete a Project. All planets generate some base amount of ADM, and it’s up to your viceroy on that planet to either maximize the ‘true’ ADM (think of it as being more efficient and knowing the best sources of materials and manpower) or waste it. Only planets generate ADM, but all characters have an Admin rating. They also have a Government Rating, which further influences how efficient they run their AOR, but the Admin rating is the most important for Projects. As far as all houses starting in cold war, that’s a little unusual, but not by any means unprecedented. There are 11 Great Houses, but 5 show up at random in each new game, and if none of them are the same culture as you, that may happen. Thanks for getting the game and ask if you have questions!



Welcome aboard! Don’t fall off the learning curve… ;-)