Alpha Centauri is still tops

I was playing this last night, as the Spartans. I’m allied to Zakharov and have treaties with everyone else (lots of trade); the Peacekeepers are getting dangerously strong, and Yang is at war with everyone.

I get Orbital Spaceflight. I’ve been stocking up on supply crawlers. I immediately set a bunch of my cities to building planetbusters and jump start them all with the stored-up crawlers. Then I put them all (the missiles) in the ocean base just offshore from Yang territory (a base I’d captured from him, actually). I offer him a truce; he accepts (he’s losing on all fronts at that point). I ask him to make truce with the University; he says the other guy started it but ok. I give him the city with all the planetbusters in it.

Boom. Multiple Peacekeeper cities go up in smoke. I am left being most powerful. I call a council election and win. I also still have all my trade.


I tend to agree. One of a handful of games that will never leave my hard drive. The expansion just makes it that much better too.

I try to get into these games off an on but I usually end up leaving mid game or so. Starting out is fun but later on managing all that shit feels like a burden and I begin to lose site of the big picture. I guess these games (Civ2, Civ3, AC) just aren’t my forte no matter how hard I try to get into them =\

Mid to late game can certainly be overwhelming especially if you aren’t dominant. I always had a harder time with the Civ series than SMAC in that regard though.

I never really played this with the xpack… does it have any problems with XP or the like I should watch out for if I install on a modern machine?

Alpha Centauri gets high marks from me for adding ‘Achieve Transcendance’ as a victory condition. I have to respect a game that lets me become a being of pure thought >.<

I have never been able to get into Civilization but I have played the crap out of SMAC. That and Diablo are the only two games I repeatedly come back to.

I just wish they had left crawlers out of the game. Or at least removed their harvesting ability.

The only two things about AC that sucked were the graphics and the sound; at least the game sounds, the narration was excellent. That droning AC “music” nearly causes my brain to seize up and die.

I broke this out a few months ago to play on my laptop. I wish it could be played in Windowed mode, the ancient graphics are pretty hideous on my LCD.

That being said, it’s like the best game ever. Still.

It is always important to remember that even the experienced and brilliant team that made one of the strongest candidates for best game ever, at some point made the decision, “Yeah! Let’s use Voxel graphics!”

Along with Civ2, MOO, and MOM, I think Alpha Centauri marks the apex of 4X games. It’s still on my hard drive. However, the game does have flaws, like insane numbers of distinct units and too many wonders.

I liked the unit creation aspect of AC… but I never really used it. It’s like “cool! I can make submersible aircraft carriers!”, but well… why?

like insane numbers of distinct units and too many wonders.

I guess that’s one reason why I have a hard time getting into these 4x games.

If I could ask Sid to make any game - SMAC2 would be it. It desparately needs a new coat of paint.

You’re better off asking Brian Reynolds. Despite what it says on the front of the box, he was the lead designer.

Theyve been banned from many MP games, and when I play single player I have a rule for myself: only one SP per base. It hurts to give up the energy parks and giant nutrient farms, but it makes the game more balanced and fun overall

You’re better off asking Brian Reynolds. Despite what it says on the front of the box, he was the lead designer.[/quote]

Good point, I forgot that.

Most of the stuff you can create is silly and over the top. What’s more, the “standard” units are more than sufficient.

However, you can make some pretty useful stuff - like formers on buggy chassis (super speedy formers!)

I totally disagree, I always custom-design ALL my units. The auto-design just clutters up the list with lots of crap that I don’t use, and every time I get a new reactor it makes copies of everything to use that new reactor. I like having my units be exactly what I want them to be; no more no less. In fact it’s been so long since I played with auto-design units I don’t even remember what sort of units they make - I just remember being completely dissatisfied with what I was getting that way.