Alpha Protocol

Obsidian is making an “action rpg” spy game. I think its based on the mass Effect engine since it has a same combat system. Sounds fun but it is Obsidian who are skilled at taking any game and introducing bugs of epic size.

I like the sound of that a lot. The one-shot conversations is something that I’ve wanted to see in an RPG for a long time.

All development houses make tons of bugs; the polished end products come from endless cycles of fixing the bugs. Obsidian just seems to run out of time/money/publisher-good-will and releases them with known bugs left over (plus more).

“just seems to run out of…” with every project they ever touched, including at companies these developers use to work at.

Nevertheless, they still attempt to make some of the best games in the industry, especially if you’re counting Interplay/Black Isle as the “companies these developers used to work at”. I still enjoy Obsidian games more than most polished but mediocre games.

Back on topic: I really like the sound of Alpha Protocol. Thanks for the link.

I just gotta say that Mask of the Betrayer was a really great game, and the postmortem interview for NWN2 showed that they had really learned a lot from their mistakes the first go-round. It’s a little disappointing that they are jumping to do so many other projects at the same time (Aliens RPG, Alpha Protocol, and I think there’s going to be an announcement for another expansion for NWN2).

Yeah, it makes me nervous too. I wonder if they are successful enough to be able to expand like that into so many teams, with such a high burn rate. The moment something goes wrong with multiple publishers, it can mean the end of the company, like at Looking Glass Studios.

Are you sure about that other expansion for NWN2 though? I thought the only thing they were working on was the premium module for NWN2 that has been announced?

When Infogrames made an offer to buy Atari’s outstanding shares recently they listed NWN2 expansion as one of Atari’s great assets but it wasn’t clear if they were talking about a future expansion or the one just released.

Uh, no, it won’t be using the Mass Effect engine. That’s pretty much all i can say about it.
Oh, and check out the new Game Informer when it comes out.

So is this in addition to the Aliens RPG game where you run around with a crack squad of Colonial Marines on Bug Hunts?

I hope they include something to do during the UE3 loading times: an XBLA game, a comic book, the Fallout bible …

I thought I read that the people who made Ridge Racer own the patent on being able to play games during load times?

A posting on the official NWN2 boards by Rob McGuiness says that the 1.13 patch (1.12 hasn’t even come out yet) has yet more 2da padding for future content. 1.12 has the same thing, which is being used by Ossian for their Adventure Pack, Mysteries of Westgate (still unreleased). This means that there is either another expansion or adventure pack (at the very least) announcement coming soon.

To be fair, MotB was in pretty good shape when it shipped, both in terms of technical polish and gameplay goodness.

But it’s definitely the exception to the norm for them. Here’s hoping it sets the trend for future releases, though.

Yeah, different teams.

I’m so very excited for Alpha Protocol. When was the last time the Obsidian folks really broke out and made original content instead of working on someone else’s property (not a knock, btw, I’m glad it pays the bills and MOTB is effing brilliant)? Icewind Dale maybe?

And yeah, go buy lots and lots of Game Informers. I promise our copy protection isn’t terribly invasive ;)

will there be a water boarding mini-game?

I subscribe to Gi but it never shows up. Its been going to 82 Some Street instead of 8215 Some Street which I live. I’ve tried over and over to get it fixed but no luck. I hope who ever lives at 82 is enjoying my subscription. :\

Icewind Dale isn’t terribly original since it’s all drawn on Forgotten Realms stuff. It’s certainly no more original than NWN2 or Vampire. I think for some there, Fallout 2 would be the last semi-original thing.

I’m glad. That means we can expect a good UI.