Alpha Protocol

Oh snap!

At the request of the publisher, Alpha Protocol™ is no longer available for sale on Steam.

Who’s the publisher, was it Sega? Maybe it’s changing hands? Looking for an upside here.

Maybe they are working on a remastered edition that fixes the combat and bugs to draw up interest for the sequel Obsidian is working on. Right?

Yeah, Sega. That’s pretty weird. I’d instinctively think it has to do with Microsoft snatching up Obsidian, but they were just the devs.

Oooh, wonder if Microsoft bought the IP from Sega so Obsidian can work on a sequel??? Hmm…

Maybe, I mean MS bought the distribution rights for Psychonauts 2 from Starbreeze when they acquired Double Fine. Who knows?

This is the game with the terrible mini-games, right? I think I got stuck on one and never got back to it.

Could be related to licensing, if I remember correctly they had a few mainstream rock sounds in the game.

It’s still in the games library if one bought it, right?

Sure is.

Whew. I mean, I’m sure I have the 1.1 executable file somewhere… around here. Somewhere.

Every minigame is terrible, so you’re going to need to be more specific.

Called it.

Awwwww. Damn this game was so great. Even the mini games where workable (though not great) after some ini tweaks that I have since ost and looks like the forum I got them from is long gone too. Anyone remember what I am talking about? It made the mouse movement better for hacking and the like to actually make it possible to do those.

This has happened so many times now that from now on anyone who puts licensed music in their game is just asking for it.

You could do a lot with ini tweaks but the real game breaking stuff for me was enemies simply disappearing from missions.

Still one of my favorite rpgs though.

Plus iirc the minigames actually had meaning (since time doesn’t pause when you’re in a hacking minigame or whatever, so you actually hurry before guards return on their patrol routes.

That probably makes it worse for some people, but I prefer it over over completely pointless minigames like the ones in fallouts.

Wasn’t that a reload issue that could be avoided by not using quick save and quick load?

I think even checkpoint saves triggered, but I’m not sure. Either way, in stealth focused games it’s normal to load a lot so it’s a bit of a bummer that this bug still exists after all these years.

One of the reasons I still have an Xbox 360 connected to my TV… Need to go back and finish this!