Alpha Protocol

I’m reminded how, despite my love for this game, I despise the hacking minigame.

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Yea the hacking is weird. I remember with mouse and keyboard it was almost undoable without ini tweaks.

The mini-games grew on me. They’re designed to be completed very quickly with practice. I think I could complete a hacking mini-game within seconds by the end of the game. There was a consumable to just auto-complete them though also.

Mini-games in a lot of other games just plain suck in comparison become they simply waste your time. ME2 planet scanning being particularly bad (and contemporary with AP).

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Good News, while the game doesn’t support widescreen per se, it now resolves correctly at 1680x1050 resolution, so i can actually play the mini-games and have my targeting reticle not off-center. Not perfect, but Im happy enough and starting a new play-through, as I’ve been itching for another go for months! Thank you GOG!

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Just finished it, just as good as i remember! Im old and at first i was failing the mini-games, but by the end i was powning them like i used to. That felt good, at first i hated it, thinking that I’d never be able to be as agile again, but it came back after a bit.


Good to hear!


Grabbed this from GoG on a whim and I’m having the time of my life again. Such an amazing game, one of the few besides FNV (no coincidence that we’re talking about the same developer) where perks have a real impact on gameplay, especially when it comes to stealth.

I also wish more RPGs would award perks based on your actions in the game, that really is the icing on the cake for me.

I’ve completed the game I think seven times? Lost count how many.

One of the more interesting things is it’s impossible to see all of the possible outcomes in a single play through. Some scenes are straight up mutually exclusive based on the choices you make, your allies, intel you find, the mission order, etc. Truly remarkable.

What’s also clever about this is if you’ve unlocked the Veteran start by playing Recruit first, you can have your cake and eat it to during some otherwise mutual exclusive choices…as in you can do both! You’re that good.

This is what I’m currently doing (again, lol). Maybe one of these days I’ll go full assault but stealth in this game is just too good to pass up.

I played it so often… I think stealth is fun too, but honestly I had the most fun with heavy Armor dual SMG asshat play through if memory serves correctly.

Did GoG version reintroduce some cut content? I just finished a Recruit playthrough and was seeing scenes I’ve never seen before. Then again, the game is incredible when it comes to choice&consequence so maybe I just never hit those choices in previous playthroughs.

Good. I am not sure if would play again but is good that is available there.

What flawed gem of a game. I think I played mostly stealthy, but got push into action, and the difficulty level was everywhere, but I loved how reactive was the game to your choices. I am terrible with this kind of game has I end taking the exact same decisions (even when taking them feel random) than the first time.

I wonder if there is a term in psychology for this lol. I’m exactly the same.

The computer hacking mini-game still feels broken for keyboard/mouse. Wish there were a mod to skip it.

Graphics generally look nice for such an old title. I’m running it at 4K resolution. Didn’t have to tweak ini’s or anything, so that’s nice.

Man I forgot how good this game is. So little friction, very little fat on the bones, just meat. Levels are nice and fast, progression is good and has real impact on the gameplay (!!), choice&consequence is fantastic. Writing is a little pulp, but I think that’s to the game’s benefit, especially when contrasted against RPGs where purple prose dominates, or in case of voiced games, it’s too “theatrical”.

Will probably do 3-4 runs of this (again) before I move on to something else.

Totally. I like how in Rome most of the early stuff is non-combat oriented too. Walk into a gelato shop just to discover some shit. End scene.

I’ve only played through this one time and I’m kinda curious to give it another spin. That said, I’ve fallen out of love with GOG since a few games I’ve bought just plain didn’t work (or; did work then at some point got broken).

I guess it’s going to be subjective, but for those that have bought this GOG version, how good an update is it really? Does it work ok at 21:9 (I can live with black bars but not stretching)? Can I remap controls easily (I don’t do ASWD)?

I really hope this comes to Steam eventually, I want to replay it docked on my Steam Deck!

I think it was delisted from Steam because of a licensing issue? Possibly because of the one song in Brayko fight, I’m really not sure. I still own a copy there from when I bought it years ago.

@fox.ferro as far as I can tell remapping should work normally, except for space which is apparently hardcoded (confirmations, picking up things). But I successfully remapped WASD to EDSF. Arrow keys also work.

No clue about 21:9 though, you can try asking on GoG forums but it’s a pretty niche question.

GOG thread here doesn’t look promising with regard to ultrawide support, unfortunately. People are hoping it gets added later.