Alright Copy-protection. You win

So, I now officially label my days of downloading PC games at an end. Copy protection has defeated me. Either that, or the warez groups are slacking way too hard on their cracking.

So hooray, or something. I’ve gone through three or four major releases in a row where I couldn’t get the goddamned thing to work. So, I’m not even going to try anymore.

End result? PC games without a demo will never be purchased. I’m looking at you, NWN2. Good game, you win. Enjoy your lost sale!

Y’know, I am completely in favor of being able to copy whatever data I want whenever I want and give it to whoever I want - in fact I insist I do have that right and I will exercise it whenever I choose, regardless of what some schmuck put in a EULA - but I can’t see a coherent argument in that post.

There’s no argument. Just a statement. I bought every game I ever downloaded and played for more than a half hour. I’d prefer to download demos instead of full games, but alas, many people don’t do that. So I was stuck finding alternate means of trying games. But that doesn’t work anymore. So I just won’t buy games without demos.

So, you are mad that companies won’t let you DL their games for free? Oh yeah, you plan to pay for them if you like them. I’m sure that’s what everyone who DLs games does. They just try them out, and even though they have the full game, they decide to go out and pay for it anyway. Companies should respect that.

No, they should make demos.

I love the “look what you made me do” argument.

Yes, you are definitely a victim. Game companies that don’t put out demos are forcing you to steal their games.

I think someone hacked Charles’ account.

Didn’t read my post, huh?

I don’t understand this post. The last 3-4 major releases you have purchased have not run on your system due to copy protection? Or the last 3-4 games you have illegally downloaded have not run due to the copy protection? I thought it was the former, but your next post suggests the latter.

No, it’s definitely me. I’ve always been open about the fact that I download PC games to try before I buy if they don’t have a demo. Especially since I don’t have a top of the line rig right now, there’s nothing worse than buying a new game that didn’t have a demo just to find out it runs like unmitigated ass.

All this has made me do is stop buying games that don’t have demos. It’s a non-trivial subset.

Ultimately it’s as much about laziness. I’m sure if I tried really hard I could get these warez releases to work… but it’s not worth my time. I’d prefer a demo. No demo, I’m not setting myself up to get screwed.

I read it. Or was being “stuck finding alternate means of trying games” referring to something other than downloading them off the Internet?

Anyway, now that you’ve decided to go legit and just not play the games you don’t feel like buying, isn’t that a situation in which YOU, the customer, wins, rather than the big, bad publisher? Here’s your chance to actually voice your opinion about demos and game purchasing.

It’s the latter. Warez ain’t the simple beast it used to be. Maybe I’m getting old? No matter.

I like how half the people in this thread are totally retarded and didn’t understand why Charles downloaded full copies of games. For what it’s worth I use to do the same thing ( now I earn enough where I don’t care if it sucks ).

So here you are devs:

Wadda we want?
More demos!
When do we wannem?
Before the full version game comes out so we can buy it on the day of release.

What I thought was very interesting was the news this week that THQ had shown a large jump in profit. Keep in mind that the last THQ releases had no apparent copy protection (Warhammer and Company of Heroes). You think EA and others might take a cue from them??


I’m thinking this is where the world’s smallest violin is playing…

I doubt it has to do with copy protection (though I think Company of Heroes has it). It’s probably more to do with the fact that THQ has been releasing some solid quality games, including their Nickelodeon stuff which has been pretty decent overall. They’re also behind all the Cars releases based on the Pixar film… and those did very well at retail and continue to sell well with another boost on the way thanks to the DVD release and Christmas.

I could be wrong, but I’m not picking up a dirty pirate vibe from Charles - I think he’s just moaning that copy protection is preventing him from trying out a lot of games he might have otherwise played. He is being a whiny little girl about it, though. Why not just ask politely for demos? Or why not rent?

Can you rent PC games?

You can where I live.

If you thought I was looking for sympathy, I suspect that somehow, I’ve failed to make known the nature of my character on these forums.

Also, the sort of hidden statement in my original post is that copy protection is now pretty effective (okay, not so hidden). It’s a great sign that all that bullshit like starforce just plain isn’t needed.

Frankly, I’m more humored by the situation than anything. I’m wondering if anyone is even getting these releases to work, or if the warez groups have just given up and are doing nothing but ripping an ISO and distributing it.