Alright, I give up. What driver version should I use?

I’ve got an:

ASUS Nforce2 Deluxe MB
Using onboard sound
1 GB DDR RAM @333 MHz
AMD XP 2600+
ASUS GeForce Ti4200 w/ 128 MB

And I can’t play NWN for more than 10 minutes without crashing to desktop or spontaneous reboot. I’ve checked the Bioware msg. boards to no avail. I’m a little late for this game, but I saw in old threads other people having problems like this? How did you resolve it?

Running DirectX9 and latest detonator drivers. Latest MB drivers, as well.

Is your system stable running Prime95 “Torture Test” mode overnight? Do that first. You can also try this great little stability tester app:

If that works, your system is fundamentally stable, so we know it is something with the game.

Sometimes sound is a culprit on nForce boards, particularly advanced EAX modes. Try running with the sound in the “most compatible” mode, whatever that is with NWN.

Latest Detonators have issues with NWN:

Try going to and grabbing older drivers.

– Xaroc

Bum video drivers responsible for spontaneous reboot? Man, that’s something.

The latest catalyst drivers are just fine.