Alright Qt3 Doctors

I have a new one for you all… I’ve had the flu for the last week or so, and felt I was getting better yesterday. I went out, had dinner with some friends, watched my nieces basketball game, etc. So, this morning I woke up feeling really nauseas, but decided to attempt to go into work anyway. Essentially, I felt like I was gonna spew, but if I did, I’d probably feel better. However, all of a sudden by body grows numb, like when your foot has fallen asleep and you stand up, except my whole body. My left hand clenches into a claw almost, and my left eye is scrunching shut. Scary to the coworkers, I assure you. After 5-10 minutes, that slowly subsides. WTF just happened?

Erik J.

Please go to the doctor.

Yeah, intend to. Waiting for my ride to get here. Was curious to see if anyone had experienced this before, because I don’t really think it is a stroke, but who knows.

Erik J.

I’m no doctor, but I read a newspaper article recently about something very similar to what you had. For the guy in the article, it was indeed a mini-stroke, and it’s a sign of a serious problem and is often followed up by a major stroke within a week or so. Go see a fucking doctor, and do it right now. No joke. The guy in the article had something similar happen, blew it off, and a week later died from a stroke. The article was about how if he had gone to the doctor they could have diagnosed and treated the problem and he probably would have been OK. I have no idea if your thing is the same as his, but seriously you should go get checked out, and not “When I get around to it,” but right away (which it sounds like you are, so good). The clock could be ticking.

I concur. If your ride is not on the way right now, call an ambulance. When your body is out of your control like that, it could be a serious serious problem. Or it could be a strange reaction to the disease you had, so don’t panic.

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BTW, I never did a damn thing about stepping on a sea urchin and I’m still alive.

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Yeah, that dude that didn’t have his two chutes open did okay – maybe we oughta give that a try?

My left eye was twitching for two months straight, and then I started losing feeling in my left arm, as well as it feeling very weak and difficult to lift things. Know what it was? My muscles had been so tense from subconscious anxiety that they actually began form extremely tight knots all over my back, which was causing a nerve behind my shoulder blade to become inflamed, resulting in weakness/numbness. The eye twitch was related to inflammation of my jaw muscles, also due to anxiety, which put pressure on a nerve in my face somewhere. A few weeks on NSAIDs and Xanax and I’m good as new.

Maybe just like a sea urchin… have a coworker piss in your eye and see if that fixes it.

It was most likely a TIA, a Transient Ischemic Attack, and it is indeed a precursor event to an eventual stroke if you are not careful. Most people who end up having full-on strokes have many TIAs to varying intensity prior to having a stroke (a TIA is a blood supply blockage that occurs only briefly, so little to no permanent damage is done as opposed to a stroke).

Left arm problems like you desecribe are classic warnings signs of a heart attack.

I get that kinda thing (nausea, followed by one side numbness – not the eye scrunching thing), but it’s just a bad migraine aura…I’ve had 'em for years.
But if you haven’t been diagnosed with migraines, get thee to the hospital!

And let us know how it goes.

Just talked to my mother who was a nurse for 35 years or so - she agrees that it sounds like a TIA.

Oddly enough, I have been, but I’ve never experienced this before. Thanks for the input, and go figure Bill D. is the first one to hop in with reassuring info. Thanks Bill. Doctor’s appointment is tomorrow morning, unfortunately. I will provide updates.

Erik J.

See the doctor tomorrow. If you have any other strange thing happens go to the ER. However if you live in a town like ours, it will be faster to wait for the Dr’s appointment.
You are probably still fighting the flu. It can take 1 - 2 weeks to recover from the flu, and you may be suffering from an electrolyte inbalance. (eat some bananas, drink some gatorade) which could explain the tingliness.
Get a flu shot next year. They are worth it.
Or, it could be a TIA - your Dr will know. I’m betting it’s the flu though.
These sort of strange things happen to me all of the time when I get sick. It’s freaky when it happens, but it’s always benign. Last spring I caught a nasty virus - I was so tired and shaky that I swore something really serious was wrong. Turns out that I was vitamin B-12 deficient. Yes, I had a lab test. I started taking massive doses of B-12 and soon felt better.

You’ll probably want to take a stool sample with you just in case. So, get out a ziplock. It’ll give you something to do other than worry about things until you get there. In fact, see how many you can take with you.

Yeah, the first time I had a migraine we went right to the ER as they thought it was a stroke. My mother had migraines at the same age, so that was the neurologist’s first thought after “not a stroke”, and he was right (thanks, Dr. House*). It was pretty scary at the time, though.

Hope you’re feelin’ better soon.

*sadly, he was not Hugh Laurie.

Whew… I was just going to post here asking if anyone had heard anything, since I read it earlier in a quick rush to read newer posts.

Glad to see you aren’t quite into Stroke-dom… my grandma had one. its really sad…