Alt-right social media war

We’ve already got Gab and Parler and Gettr isn’t done yet. While “From the desk of TFG” shuttered quickly, allegedly “Truth” is coming. With Devin Nunes recently resigning congress to take the title of Chief Operating Worker at the venture.

Now there’s news, brought to you by my wife, Morgan Fairchild, that Mike Lindell will not be left out and will soon launch the social media features of FrankSpeech.

Who will win the right wing social media wars? Gettr? Parler? Truth? Frankspeech? Gab? The FBI? Will we all lose?

I’ll take this one for 100 alex.


Well played, sir.

Too late.

But also this.


I must admit, I no longer am able to tell jokes from reality. Is this actually his title? Because I could totally see Trump making up such a title just to degrade someone like Nunes.


Whew, you had me worried for a second there Drax.

I rather liked that one.

OMG that made me laugh so hard. I haven’t heard that in years!

A nice summary of the situation.