Altered Carbon - Netflix, cyberpunk

Based on the books from Richard Morgan. We even have a book thread from 2003!

As that old thread attests, I am a fan of this series but I will have to wait and see how a TV adaptation works.

Cyberpunk, ergo my minimum threshold of interest is high.

Never read the books, but I’m hoping this is good.

Yep, fantastic books, although I still say Market Forces is his best work for sheer kinetic energy. Would make a great movie-- not suited for a longer TV show.

a) holy shit that looks amazing i’ma go buy all those books right now

b) there is no (b)

The graphics are nicer than The Expanse.

Looks good, even if it does seem to borrow from Blade Runner a bit too much

It’s noir cyberpunk, so that kinda comes with the territory. The book is rather hard-core though, and I am curious just how gory the show will be.

Not just gory, but the over-the-top porn bits. Looks like they’re paying a bit of service to that in the first fake ‘commercial’ they did (not the trailers), but I wonder how far they’ll go? GoT level? Sense8? American Gods?

I don’t know about that. I suspect you could tell a noir/cyberpunk story without crowded streets, heavy rain, and a vaguely Asian aesthetic.

Sure - but try googling noir cyberpunk, look at images, and tell me what you see. It’s actually EXACTLY what you just described.
Then there is the book itself, and what kind if environment it describes.

I mean crowded streets and rain are almost part of he definition of noir, so they are kind of essential for that tone.

As for vaguely Asian? Tell me, do you expect China or Japan to become less important to high tech in the next 30 years? It would be almost incongruous for there not to be Asian influences in aesthetic.

No, but that doesn’t mean they have to be in a work of fiction.

What’s supposed to replace Chiba City anyway? Shenzhen?

Hrmmmm nerd outrage alert.

So the main character Kovacs is an Envoy who “wants to end immortality.” They are compressing all the background. In the original story, Kovacs is an UN envoy, sent by the powers that be to take down rebel planets and stuff. A space marine, first boots on the ground. One of the plots involves Quellish, a fearsome maoist-type rebel/cult-personality. Kovacs somehow falls out of favor with the envoys and becomes a criminal (akin to shadowrunners) like many other envoys.

Instead they say Kovacs wants to “end immortality” and say his original crime was acting as a rebel against the system. Urgh. I understand they have to compress, but it just annoys me they make him a little guy on against an evil system. He was supposed to be part of the system, and there’s supposed to be moral ambiguity.

My interest in this series has spiked.

Hoping Netflix would start spending its piles of money on more genre stuff like Sci-fi so cross fingers it’s good. Anybody know if this is limited series or meant to be a regular one?

That was much better than the previous trailer. In.

I love me some NiN, even what he’s doing now.