Alternate Contest: Halo vs. Silent Storm

As previously stated, Desslock’s “possible GotY”, which I believe he currently has ranked 2nd behind Gothic 2, is matched up against a randomly selected (d4 rolled to obtain) Quarterfinal loser.

Developer: Gearbox Software
Publisher: Microsoft
Release Date: 9/30

Silent Storm

First Round: Defeated Gothic 2, 44-42
Quarterfinals: Lost to Call of Duty, 65-52

This is the only poll so far for which I’ve wanted to vote for both entries.

Halo PC?


Can we just do I die roll to see who is the GOTY winnner. At least that would stop all the polling.


Halo gets the 42-39 victory and moves on to face Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, a Semifinal loser.