Alternative IM style photo exchanging app

We’ve been using Hello (from Google) as an IM style app to exchange photos with my parents and relatives. It’s simple, and designed to share photos (not a great IM app, but does the basics, and it set up specifically for photo sharing.) But Google is shutting the service down.

I use Meebo right now as my primary IM client. I don’t see a way to send photos that we can both look at at the same time on the chat window. Is this not possible? (Kinda need Meebo because I need a web based client, switching between computers, and the ability to connect with multiple IM sources (AIM, Yahoo, etc.)


Do you see the button in your Meebo chat window? That’s the file transfer button.

If you’re looking for some kind of drag and drop function in meebo for pictures, I’m sorry to say that I don’t know of one either.

If I do that, will the photo show up in the chat window for us both to look at simultaneously? (at work, can’t test it out.)


Just get AIM.

Yahoo does that, too…but neither Yahoo nor AIM are web-based, which apparently is a necessity.

I’m not aware of anything, honestly…I don’t think Meebo works like you want it to, but I’m not 100% sure of that right now.

I’d swear that Picasa itself had this functionality, but I’ll be damned if I can’t find it in the program now when I look. Perhaps they took it out.

Yeah, Google intentionally made Hello for that function, integrated in with Picasa (use Picasa to manage photos, then Hello to share them.)

Not sure why they are shutting Hello down. They never did really support it very well.

Ah. I see. I just remembered seeing that stuff when I signed up for Picasa way back when, and assumed it was part of the program. It did look pretty cool, but I didn’t really have a use for it, so (obviously) never did.

I did poke around some, and found a couple of articles pointing out that it and Orkut were being used by some child-porn rings. Perhaps that’s why they shut it down- too much of a hassle dealing with that stuff.