Alternative to nLite

I am reformatting a laptop that has a sata drive, and as such have no floppy drive. I need to “slipstream” my windows install to include my sata drivers, but everyone ever that bought Vista is apparently downloading updates for the next month. I don’t have .net installed on this laptop (I bought it used) and downloading just the setup file for it is taking forever. nLite requires the .net framework installed, and I’m not big on manually changing the windows install as I’m short on time. Anyone have an alternate suggestion to nLite, have short, up to date instructions for slipstreaming sata support, or is nLite worth waiting on Microsoft? I’m also curious about people’s experiences slipstreaming a windows installation in general.


Is there a compilation of Windows updates since SP2 in one download? I don’t want to have to install six dozen updates after I go through all this.
But thanks to this, I’ve got some weird Alt-Tab mod installed, that shows a picture of the window, along with the program’s icon.

.net finally downloaded, so I went ahead and used nLite.

Holy CRAP is this program easy. I’m tempted to shove as many driver installs onto my install as possible.

… be careful using too many things in nLite, it borked a few things when I last installed with it. Ended up having to reinstall a few apps that were supposed to install automatically (including drivers).

That sounds like the TaskSwitch powertoy from MS

Yup, the taskswitch powertoy. There might have been a way to not install that while using the autopatcher, but I think I left everything checked that one time I’ve used it.

In particular, I’ve had problems with Nvidia Nforce drivers. Clearly label the disk and print out a manifest for the jewel case for when you find it next year.