Alyssa Milano

I just have to share my dream girl’s latest pictorial with the world. Nummy.

Must…resist…urge…to make “Who’s the Boss” joke…

I just saw a very young Alyssa Milano in the Schwarzenegger movie Commando. Why I saw Commando is better left unsaid…

What? Commando is high-quality cinema. :D

That’s right! “I like you. That’s why I’ll kill you last.”

I don’t know what shameful secret Anders might be harboring, but I suspect it has something to do with beefy Austrian men in black outfits.

Most of us saw Commando and have no problem admitting it. We were young and dumb. And it was before Schwarzenegger did Junior and The Sixth Day.

“Remember when I said I’d kill you last? I lied.”


Yeah, but I saw it yesterday and I had seen it before…
This is what I get for having a friend who’s a Schwarzenegger fan.

You’ll almost never go wrong watching an Arnie movie for pure, blowing-shit-up-ness. Noone faults you.

Don’t ignore Catherine Bell from the TV show JAG…Damn!!!

Is it safe for work?

Catherine Bell is the best damn thing to happen to America since Betty Grable.

All the stuff over there is work safe, some of it just barely.

At least, it fits the definition. If I get caught looking at it here at work, I’ll end up in a sensitivity training course.

Jim, help me out. Is it:

Women are objects


Women are not objects?

My wife told me once, but I cannot keep it straight.

Photographs of women are objects, but actual women are not objects, being sentient and all.

Ahhhhh. Ok, Ok. Whew! I did have it backwards. Thanks Jason.

Coincidentally, this is why pornography is ok.

Well crap, wish I had that argument available when I was 16 and my mom decided to clean my sock drawer.

…you forgot the glow-in-the-dark hula dancer neckties, anatomically correct condiment dispensers (salt b00by and pepper b00by, don’t ask where the sugar spoon goes), naughty mermaid swizzle sticks (sans coconut-shell bikinis), naked lady ice cube trays, and floaty pens in which Bettie Page’s leopard dress slides off when you hold it vertically.

We need sarcasm tags.

No, you need a TOE TAG!

just kidding,asshole

Heehee. You said “hold it vertically”.