Am i screwed?

So I was attempting to play BFME2. I put the cd in i get the start up screen I hit play. it brings up the next screen, but never launches the game. I’m looking at the cd and it looks like sitting in the case it got scratched. THIS IS WHY HAVING 6 DISKS IS A BAD IDEA!!! I bought it at frys, but I don’t have the receipt anymore.

Clean the disc?

Thought of that, but a good suggestion. I’ll contact EA and see if they can help. Just sucks cause I really want to play :)

go download it from somewhere. that’s what i do when i can’t find all my cds for a game.

I… don’t understand. If you have a cd-key, why aren’t you cracking the executable so you don’t need the cd anymore?

I would find it hard to believe that the technology does not exist.

A quick Google shows it’s got some version of Safedisc, which will sometimes
do that. You’re also not alone in having that exact problem. The nocd should
save you.

… again the pirates win?

thought of that too, but doesn’t seem to be a crack of the exe.

My wife’s dvd drive won’t recognize the disk. So, I found a 500k or so image that I load up in daemon tools and it validates as being it.

Ea seems to have problems with their dvds. Seems every dvd game I’ve bought from them has trouble being read on my dvd drive.

That’s not “trouble;” that’s just the game’s copy protection checking to make sure the disc is there and legit.

Funny, the pirates don’t seem to have this problem.

  • Alan

it looks like there is a bubble on the disc. the only copy i have of my receipt is a digital photo I took because I was getting a rebate on some other software. This is why I never pay cash for stuff.

Now it would make too much sense if you could just call up EA and say “Hey, my cd-1 if b0rked. I’m sending it in for exchange, give me an RMA#”

You shouldn’t need a receipt, front page of your manual, or note from the tooth fairy… because it’s a 1-1 exchange of an obviously legit cd.

Will anyone ever figure out doing this?

Bioware used to do this. They also sent maps without checking for anything
when people bought Baldur’s Gate without. I don’t see EA as a company
that cares as much, though.

I had no trouble getting a new serial key for The Sims when I bought a used copy. I just faxed a photocopy of the disk, the original code and an explanation of the circumstances. I was telling little guys to pee by the next day.


Work in a kindergarden, do you?

Anyway, that’s one positive report on EA. Shieldwolf should try getting a
replacement disc one way or another, then. If the first CD has an actual
bubble in it, anyone should be able to see that…

(I also saw a LotR: Battle for Middle-Earth 2 v1.01 [MULTI] Fixed EXE out
there. Can’t afford the game until the end of the month myself, though -
damn hardware :/ )

well took it to frys explained I sent the receipt with a another software rebate and was told no receipt no deal even though I have a photo of the receipt on my digital camera

That really sucks, do you have a printer/scanner? What I did with the recepit for my video card was scan it, print out the copy and use that for a rebate and it worked.

SO, I returned the game to Fry’s explained to the manager and was able to get a new copy of the game. I put the first cd in and try and run game it tells me cannot locate the cd. I’m thinking, ok I need to uninstall the old game and reinstall. I do it. I’m able to to reinstall the game but it again ask me to place cd in cdrom and try again. It doesn’t do this with any of the other games. so I know it is not the dvd rom. Can I have possibly gotten two bad games from the same store. I seem to have really shitty luck with this stuff.

I just want to confirm that disc 1 is infact the play disc.