Am I seeing anti - "net neutrality"?

…or just Hulu being clogged up?

Comcast is my ISP.

I’ve watched a decent bit of network shows on Hulu over the past year. Over the past few months, I’ve often encountered dead space when the show stops and I have to pause and wait for the buffer to build back up before proceeding. “Often” = about once per show, but that’s after I stopped using the high-quality setting, which stopped 2 or 3 times per show since August or so.

So then I go to Fancast to get the latest episodes of Lost. I notice that Comcast is prominently displayed on the site as “Comcast TV”. The performance is great, it looks MUCH better, and I’ve encountered no hiccups at all in 5 shows.

Am I experiencing preferential access of certain sites over other ones?

I’m on comcast, and it’s remarkable how YouTubes just die after a few seconds. I’ll whip open my laptop, with its relatively slow 3G. No trouble at all.

Is that what it is? I have the same problem with my allegedly fast comcast connection. I’m ready to rage about this, all I need is confirmation for my futile gesture to be unleashed on customer service.

I’m NOT on Comcast and Youtube is painfully slow after 5pm (EST) or so.

Hulu seems very slow at times, too.