Am I the only one not really impressed with PS3?

Xbox 360 has some draw to me for the Xbox Live and Xbox Guide features. It seems to have a ton of software-related features such as Xbox Live Arcade, Video Chat, ect, as well as some cool add-ons like the Camera. But it’s mainly the software features that have got me interested.

The Revolution suppousively is going to have some amazing controllers, as well as being able to download a huge library of older titles. I love playing older classics, especially when they are free. This has got me interested.

However, the PS3 left me very unwhelmed. The Sony conference had some great demos, but most of it just wasn’t REAL. I would have liked some more substance. And then the fact that there isn’t anything really sticking out with PS3 that has got me interested. Sure, it’s pushing boundaries with the Cell, with BluRay support, and 1080p compatability. However, it seems to just be flexing their muscles, and not offering anything different or any sort of feature that has me interested over the other consoles.
It’s biggest draw is right now that it’s more “powerful” than the other consoles. But even that is doubtful as Sony hasn’t had a great track record with living up to their own hype.
And this has got me confused:

“Just raising the graphics capabilities and output resolution won’t change anything from the current world of video game consoles,” said Kutaragi. He went on to say that Microsoft’s new game console is more of an “Xbox 1.5” than a new console, in the sense that it seems like an extension of the original Xbox.

What, exactly, is PS3 doing that hasn’t been done before? I’m honestly confused at the appeal to the PS3 at this point, other than it looks really damn sleek.

I’m fully expecting it to be a year or more before you can get a model of PS3 that doesn’t self-destruct a week after the warranty expires.

Sony’s track record with hardware should speak volumes to even the most thoughtless consumer at this point. Wait a year, then we’ll see.

Why does it have to do something that’s never been done before? I just want to play games on my console. I’m happy with the controllers the way they are now and I have zero interest in Xbox Live. In fact the more Microsoft talks about communities, marketplaces, and micro-transactions, the more my interest in the console wanes.

I have an Xbox now because it is the most powerful console on the market and multi-platform releases are better on it. Other than Halo 2, Microsoft’s exclusives have been terrible or end up on the PC. If Sony does come out with a more powerful console, I see no reason to buy a 360.

That question was referring to the quote… but I see your point. Still, if I’m going to be shelling out $400 or so for a console, I want the console itself to be what I’m paying for, not just the ability to play games.

Sorry, should have read more carefully. As for new, though, the console does have Blu-Ray, which makes it very attractive for HD-TV owners.

Great point. I wonder if Sony is going to be able to reproduce their PS2 initial sales success, which for many Japanese (and more than a few Americans I would imagine) was their first DVD player. Will PS3 be their first HD-DVD player as well?

No, I too am unimpressed with a device that is not yet sold and does not actually exist in final form.

I’d imagine that you’re in the minority there. Consoles=games. At least right now. The 360 might change perceptions, but I really doubt it, because people are generally resistent to these all-in-one thingamabobs. Same goes with the Nintendo Revolution’s downloadable old games, which aren’t going to appeal to the core younger market that buys Nintendo consoles. I think this idea is fantastic – although I’m tempering my enthusiasm until I see what Nintendo lines up in terms of licenses, etc., because the success of the lineup depends on what games are offered – but damn never everyone under 20 isn’t going to give a damn.

The PS3’s HD DVD drive is really the only new wrinkle in the new gen of console systems that’s likely to make an impact with consumers, for the obvious reasons. If Sony manages to make it a pretty good HD/Blu-Ray DVD player, too, on par with standalone players (unlike the crap DVD player features in the PS2), it could really move PS3s. MS is making a huge mistake here. I understand why it’s not including HD DVD support now, because of the fight over the high-def DVD standard, but this could blow up in MS’s face within a year to 18 months and make the 360 sort-of obsolete in a key area.

Yeah, just look at the Wal-Mart Supercenter revolution. People hate all-in-one thingamabobs that rake in unheard of amounts of profit with lower quality.

Sarcasm aside, I don’t think anyone will buy it for the all-in-one aspect, but the all-in-one aspect will become (to a degree) accepted if it’s implemented correctly then Microsoft will be the console that does allow you to play your games, watch the Special Bonus pack dvd, doublepack DvD/Game bundle offers. Possible implementation could be games with downloadable content as a standard (maybe something Guild Wars style), music download and burning feature, etc.

It’s definitely not a bad vision, but implementation is the key. You can’t reasonably say that having something that did all that for $400 that does it well and doesn’t require constant individual component upgrade (like a computer) wouldn’t be attractive to mass market or families on fixed incomes.

The appeal should lie mostly in the games. I like imported RPGs so I’ll get a PS3 after the third price drop.

Which one can I mod and load 100 games and linux onto? Which can I watch xvids on? Run an emulator on?

I understand most of the appeal lies in the game, however right now I’m looking at what the console offers itself. Yes, I know the console is only as good as it’s games, but from my prespective they’re going to get most of the same games anyways, and though they might differ slightly I’m pretty satifisied with what all the systems have to offer game-wise.

So, I’m looking at the consoles themselves, what the companies offer you. Sony is the only one that doesn’t really stand out in any way, at least from my prespective. Does the console offer anything that sort of sets a different tone?

What is really kind of confusing to me, though, is that PS3 is not a “game center” but an “entertainment center”? I haven’t seen anything that’d draw me to a PS3 yet besides it’s game-related stuff. Where’s the meat on these all-purpouse multimedia center that sets it so far above the Xbox 360 that it makes it look like “Xbox 1.5”?

Bah, Fuck PS3. I’m still bitter over Sony’s hype killing the Dreamcast before it even had a chance to get going. Of course, I’m sure I’ll pick up a PS3 eventually, because I’m a gaming whore, but still . . . Fuck PS3.

It’s kind of hard to tell which one is better at this point since 90% of what we saw isn’t actual gameplay footage. Until I see someone playing a game with AI, physics, collision detection and all that jazz going on behind the graphics, with a human controlling the lead character, I will reserve judgement.

I will say that I don’t trust Sony’s hardware quality. I also enjoy the idea of downloading old school games via Nintendo’s online service. XBox is the only console that I’m waiting and seeing with. PS3 will have all the games, Nintendo will have all the great franchises and nostalgia, but what will XBox have that sets itself apart?

I’m like the exact opposite, Xbox has the most to set it apart (Xbox Live Arcade, Guide, Harddrive that features all that, Xbox Live, Gamer Avatar/Score/Rep/Card/Ect, Video/Audio chat, ect).
As far as games, Xbox 360 is getting a lot more support than before, and it’s going to have 6 months headstart to get a decent amount of games before PS3 gets rolling. I don’t see games being a large factor at the moment, as most of it’s just personal opinion (what game(s) you want).

Oh well, maybe I’m just missing PS3’s selling point. I just can’t find one.

You’re not one of those mythical “fanboys” I’ve heard about? :lol:
That said, I’m a Nippon Ichi fanboy. They may add some 3d graphics at some point in 2009…

gee, I think I’ll wait for the selling point, when they’re selling it.

Did you watch the Sony Press conference? Sony hasn’t announced their full online plans, but from what they have hinted at the Xbox 360 can’t do anything the PS3 won’t do just as well. They talked quite a bit about video conferencing with the HD IP camera. High-def video podcasting. Streaming games, music and video over wifi from your PS3 to your PSP anywhere in the world. Multitasking was mentioned. The dual video outputs were mentioned with the potential for watching a movie or playing a game on one screen while video chatting or running another app on the second screen. PS3 had a HD movie format out of the box, along with built in wifi, a gigabit switch, bluetooth and even better media connectivity than the XBox 360 with more USB ports and flash memory card readers.

Microsofts innovations, customizable avatars, changing the color of your interface, a gamerscore (!) and playing solitare in HD, aren’t exactly bowling me over. For downloadable content Sony has IP out the wazoo for movies and music. MS would be starting from square one. And microtransaction for vitual assets is the stupidest idea in the world.

Sony hasn’t announced their online strategy, but they’re pressing all the buttons as MS in what they have said.

I wouldn’t be touting Sony’s online stuff yet. The bottom line is XBox Live! is for real. Its works, it works well. They have a solid stable system to build on. Sony has well…they have their usual Ken Kutagari hype. Untill I see it in action I put that stuff right along side the Killzone demo.

I’m not touting. Eventually Sony will show what they’ve got and we can make a judgement then.