Am I the only one who misses these games?



Actually, despite the speed of the action, the Armored Core games (which is what the chromehounds developer is known for) are extremely sim-like, with far more customization than Mechwarrior 2 on PC ever gave you.

Oh, they absolutely could. I’m convinced that if someone took the time to make a good space combat sim on console, it would probably clean up. It would translate so well. The death of space sims on PC is pretty highly correlated with the lack of good joysticks that were inexpensive. A dual analog control would allow pretty much all functionality and with a couple concessions (such as holding a key to open a new menu with more options) would work really well. I’m not so sure aiming is much of a problem – joysticks were rarely that perfectly accurate either. As well, the xbox 360’s analog sticks are extremely precise. The PS2 couldn’t do it, their shitty analog sticks have a 40% deadzone in a best case scenario, and the actual data in the game is represented as a byte per axis.

I’m hoping that the newly revatilized LucasArts considers doing this.

Speaking of which, what IS Lawrence Holland up to these days? Anyone know?

All of the mentioned games would benefit from modern technology and improved interfaces.

You know, there was a Mechwarrior 3 and 4 too…

Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries is actually pretty good. There’s arena combats, you can choose your missions, build your mechs, etc. I loved obliterating mechs in my giant Pink Atlas tower of doom.

Played with a Force Feedback pro, it’s just plain awesome.

Sure, but many developers can’t resist “tweaking the gameplay” while they’re at it. The minor changes are usually okay, but then they go overboard and start adding real-time modes to turn-based games, etc.

  • Alan

I … guess… I did like the gameplay in 3 and 4… I… ok, I’m going to get spammed for this. The games were too loose with the license. Essentially, you get dropped on one lonely planet and proceed to destroy an entire army of genetically and technologically superior Clan warriors single handedly (± 1 to 3 incompetant lancemates). Also, you can magically repair your mechs in seconds with repair stations. And capture mechs with their heads blown off and use them in the next mission. I felt after Mechwarrior 2, Microsoft started messing with what made these games great.

MW4 mercs was neat, though too scripted for me.

I guess all I wanted was a mercenaryforce, cobbled out of spare parts, where mechs were slow, lumbering, irreplacable, dropped into dynamic campaigns across the galaxy, going with the ebb and flow of House politics across a universe at war. Kinda like a fleshed out Mechwarrior1. end fan rant, sorry 'bout that.

oh… I liked mechwarrior 3025 online… never made it past beta, but that was an excellent mech sim in a persistant online universe. fun.

Ah yes, I have fond memories of MW1, and mean memories as in “memories of it being better than it actually is/was.” I specifically remember lumbering around and sniping at cockpits for maximum salvage, so that’s definitely not a new thing.

  • Alan

I have absolutely no idea why a turned based mech strategy game isn’t in the works. The world became a better place with the creation of Missionforce: Cyberstorm. Even Mechcommander 2 was a solid game. Now…we have nothing.

I’d love to see a game that fused football and mech combat. Light mechs could be receivers, heavy mechs could be linemen, etc. Think Chaos League with lasers, plasma cannons and railguns.

I miss all of these games. Add Starflight 1 and 2 to that list. ;) I wish the space sim genre hadn’t died a horrible death, but there y’are.

I know, I know. I just feel the intent behind games then, fueling games today, would make for more of what I’d like to play.

I think the problem is that games used to be by geeks for geeks. Now they are by geeks for the widest possible mainstream audience they can get.

Suck it down, geeks! No games just for you anymore! No adventure games, no hardcore sims, no nothin!

Tachyon’s a piece of crud compared to FreeSpace 2 and the Independence War series.

I don’t know why those types of games are no longer produces – your list contains many of my favourite games of all time.

Money changes everything. The powergeeks just can’t outspend Joe Blow on his couch with a controller.

Have you already tried Front Mission, or do you not play consoles? There was also that shareware game, which is pretty good. What’s it called…? Anyone? It had like a separate module for creating the mechs and than you took them to the map to fight…pretty good game, actually.

I know this is a PC thread but you got to take your TB fix where you can get it…

I liked Front Mission 4 on the PS2. Its got your typical cheesy story but I enjoyed the combat and customization of units a lot.

I heard FM3 was better, on the PS1, so I am playing that currently. The graphics are of course shit compared to what you are used to in a new PC game, and the story is just as cheesy or perhaps worse (why do awkward teens make up 99% of the protagonists in Japanese games?) but the gameplay is just as solid.


Yeah, actually, Front Mission 4 is pretty badass. It’s the bastard child of Final Fantasy Tactics (team-based TBS/tactics gameplay) and Armored Core (mech customization, day-after-tomorrow setting). It feels very ‘old school’ in a lot of ways.

I would say FM3 was on par in most respects, but of course only had PS1 graphics. And given FM4’s $20 price, that’s definitely the right place to start…

You know what else we need? A sequel to Interstate 76. A good sequel.

I think a showcase game full of LucasArts characters would have been fun, but it’s probably past its time now. Also, why are all Diablo style games in the same general setting? Diarobloto, anyone?

Amen, brother…a-god-damned-men…