Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman @ Seattle's Moore Theater Last Night

Did any of you see this? I know they’ve been touring, and last night in Seattle was their last stop. I was there.

I had a blast, but Gaiman’s material was not a good fit for Palmer’s performance, which was absolutely amazing. I didn’t even know who she was before last night, but came away really awe struck by what she can do with her voice. When she plays the keyboard, her legs are constantly moving and twisting. Neil belted out one really good song about Joan of Arc coming back to life and I don’t mean to bag on him, but the material he read was too long and difficult to grasp as spoken word. He read this one piece and for reasons I couldn’t figure out, every paragraph had a number associated with it. My wife was familiar with the story and said it’s quite good. I don’t doubt its quality, but it wasn’t good for reading aloud. He got to paragraph 70 and I almost screamed. He read two longer pieces, both of which brought the show to a screeching halt…

Two acts that were appearing in Seattle “stopped” by and performed with Palmer, who presumably knows a lot of musicians and asked these two to play. Can’t remember their names. One was an amazing violinist who did a duet with Palmer and the other was a dude with an acoustic guitar who played a creepy song that made me laugh. Must be nice to know the industry so well you can get folks to help you out.

It was a very lovey dovey kind of night. Basically newlyweds, they couldn’t pass by one another on stage without kissing. It sounds dopey, but I thought it was quite sweet. His birthday is today and she blindfolded him, did a strip tease with a row of chorus girls from God knows where, and then gave him a flaming birthday cake. Nice!

I haven’t given up on Gaiman, but I’m going to have to read a more of his work. But Palmer? I am now a huge Palmer fan!

Link to PI article:

What fun is getting a strip tease if you’re blindfolded?

I enjoyed it!

She shaves her eyebrows but not her armpits. This is very counterculture. Next, she’ll bring back the beehive hairdoo.

Man, I read that as Arnold Palmer and had the coolest performance ever in my head for a few seconds.

If you liked her music last night, you should check out some of the albums by her band, the Dresden Dolls.

Dig it. I’ve been checking out some of the band’s YouTubes. She’s fabulous.

IIRC the Dresden Dolls do a pretty killer cover of War Pigs.

I keep reading this thread as ‘Arnold Palmer and Neil Gaiman’ and try to imagine what would prompt a joint appearance of the two.

Beehives are more like steam punk.