Amateur lightsaber battle SUPREME!

Yeah, we all know that amateur lightsaber battles are the bane of the internet. But as a much-maligned art form goes, this is pretty much the state of the art:

This video is lame… Also, old news.

At about the seven minute mark it looked like they were both dead, and then it ate my internet connection. Anything happen in the last 3 minutes worth trying again?

Gary Whitta has too much time on his hands.

It wasn’t that bad, just went on a little too long.

Sorry, wasn’t aware that it had already been posted here.

Firefox just said it needed to download a plug-in.


It would have been better if the physical hits looked more real. One thing that craked me up. That id in the blue shirt? I bet he’s been trying to grow that peach fuzz since he was 10.

It’s on youtube, that’s where I watched it.

here is the youtube version: