Amazing model of the Milennium Falcon

$200, 900 parts, but gorgeous

I just assumed, this being the internet and all, that it was going to be made of legos, or cheese, or for sale on ebay, or assembled by a blindfolded child in a short video clip, or something. Stupid internet.

(Cool model though.)

Jesus, I wouldn’t wanna drop that thing.

Bet it could make a White Castle run in less then twelve parsecs.

Look at the detail on those greebles!

Remember when you thought the Millennium Falcon looked stupid, and you figured it was just like a plate with a random radar dish sticking out of it, and with a strange forked nose for no apparent reason, and a ridiculous elbow pipe sticking off the side where the dudes sit and look through some implausably shaped cockpit window?

Me neither.


Does anyone see the irony of a detailed reproduction of a model that was originally built using pieces of other model kits?

Firstly, the Fine Molds Star Wars kitsets are gorgeous, high quality and well worth it by all accounts (light years ahead of the old AMT kits - everytime I go to buy the X-Wing at my local store, they’re gone).

Secondly, it’s impossible to make the interior as seen in the movies fit into the exterior as seen in the movies - this was extremely well (retentively) documented somewhere, but my Google-Fu fails me right now.

Tom - The Falcon still kicks ass. Especially when compared to the blandness of the Episode I-III spaceships. It almost kicks more ass than the Snow Speeder :)

Totally true. It’s weird, because you think with all the modern CG tools they would have been able to pull off some mind-blowing space battle stuff in the new trilogy, but they dropped the ball on that even harder than they did on the story (if that’s possible). None of it had the dramatic weight of the Death Star battle in the original Star Wars, and none of it was as visually amazing as the Falcon chase through the asteroid field, or the final space battle in RotJ. It was just sort of… there.

Bet it doesn’t look so good when it goes all melty from misapplied glue, like every single model kit I ever put together.

I wonder how much fishing line it would take to hang from the ceiling of my den? I’d have to whip up two or three Tie Fighters as well. Can’t suspend the Falcon without a few Tie Fighters chasing it around.

What you really need to do is affix electric tracks all around the ceiling, then set it up so that the models actually fly around. Then, with a few more models, you could have the Battle of Endor in your den at the push of a button.

If you somehow arrange for hordes of Ewok replicas to messily die on the forest floor below, I will worship you as a god.

Is it? What parts don’t fit, exactly? The Falcon’s interior layout is pretty simple, at least according to the mental picture I have of it.

Ok, found it - the guys site is down, but the Way Back Machine has most of it -

Millenium Falcon = Cool

Episodes 1-3 and everything in, about or even remotely related to them = Fuck George Lucas with a Millenium Falcon model.

For those who missed it, BTW…

The one star wars toy I had as a kid was Boba’s Fett shoemobile. Man I couldn’t make heads or tails of that thing (I hadn’t seen the movie at the time.)

I wish I kept it. It’d be worth tens of dollars now.

You can buy a General Greivous toy and cut its head off if you want, it’s the SAME FUCKIN THING.

I’d totally buy that model. Only one thing is stopping me. I CAN’T ASSEMBLE MODELS FOR SHIT.

But you know what my favorite thing about the MF was? Okay, sure, in ANH I get how it’s just Han and Chewie, so they don’t have the extra 1 or 2 dudes to man the over/under laser turrets, but in RotJ, when Lando and Nein Numb lead the assault on the new DS, they still only go in with a 2-man crew.

Also, why does that model come with Chewie and the Fellowship of the Ring?

I am a huge Star Wars fan. Perhaps the biggest fan on Qt3, considering I like the originals and the prequels. I love nitpicking SW stuff to death.

And I think the entire premise of that site is fucking retarded.