Amazing Race 34 - The Return Of Shecky, The Comedy Camel

TAR is back. 9/21.

Oh hell Yeah! I was wondering if this was coming back and hadn’t seen anything about it. Whoohooo!

I’m ready!

Good start, great collection of beards. No real likes or dislikes yet.

Don’t forget the TAR drinking game. Have a shot whenever you hear the word “babe”.

I have no idea how there wasn’t at least one lost finger in that leg? Especially the military brothers. I had cold sweats a few times when they got a little too free and easy with their hand placement with the saw.

So glad this is back. Other than the pink speaker gal, o one really bugs so far.

Yeah no teams that stand out as ‘I hate them’ but also no team I instantly root for yet. But we haven’t seen much personality on most teams yet either.

Father daughter Jamaica is the team I’m rooting for at this point I guess.

I liked the scramble format. The teams really didn’t have a clear idea of how far along they were compared to the others.

It was an interesting twist, but I don’t think I’d like to see it every week. There’s great drama in teams fretting over their position.

I just wish they would bring back the Fast Forward.

Oh definitely, I don’t want to see this as the standard way they handle every leg, but it is a nice switch up.

Yeah, that always made for some interesting choices.

One thinkg I don;t want to see again, but probably will continue to show up is the head-to-head. Build up a nice lead over the team behind you only to have to sit around and wait for them to show up just doesn’t sit well with me,.

I just finished watching this week’s episode.

Wow, one of my favorite episodes of the Amazing Race. Amazing scenery. Great camaraderie and relationships between each team. Navigation screw ups. Challenges that were tough for some, easy for others. Great music. Great costumes. And such an exciting finish. I had no clue which of the 3 teams would end up last at the mat at the end.

That was fabulous.