Amazing Race 35

Starts tomorrow (Wed. 9/27). I had no idea until a friend mentioned it when we were talking about Survivor also starting tomorrow. All episodes will be 90 minutes, and there are now 13 teams instead of the usual 11.

Count me in.

Heck yeah, I’m in. I fell off the Survivor train when theu had the pandemic season, but I’m still on bears for Amazing Race.

Cool, though admittedly Jet Lag has kind of stolen their thunder for me

Great opener. The increased length really works well for the show. I feel like I got enough time with each of the opening teams to get to know them a little bit.

I agree, although I’m not a fan of “eat something gross” challenges.

I thought it was great when the deaf guy, obviously excluded from the conversation about the word puzzle, got it before anyone else And that kind of puzzle is really hard to do in your head.

Great episode.

I’m really impressed with the team that was not eliminated. After watching the father-daughter team sink their boat with too many fruits, it seems like this team was able to do just that, fill their boat all in one trip. Though that part was fast-edited without details, so it’s possible they had to go back for more.

I will say I really miss Season 1 once again. Sometimes teams would get somewhere peaceful and we could just enjoy that footage of them getting there and enjoying it, without the fast editing and music kicking in. I thought they had the perfect opportunity to do that at the flower bulb detour in this episode. It was so peaceful and serene for like 2 seconds, and then they couldn’t resist and the fast edits and music kicked in again. Arrrrgh. Come one guys. You have 63 minute episodes now, you have time to just let a scene breath now if something warrants it.

This show is still awesome. I do wish they hadn’t added back the u-turn stuff though. One of the good things about this show was that the race was spectacle enough without forcing the teams to overtly mess with the another teams.

And too bad the last 20 min was cutoff due to extreme weather reporting.

Oh? Sorry to hear that. You can catch it on Paramount+ like I did. If you don’t currently have a subscription, you can use REDEEM30 or SURVIVOR45 to get a free month these days (always search for free month codes, they have new ones constantly).

I definitely prefer competition shows where teams or individuals have to rely on their own skills instead of sabotaging others (see Chopped)

Oh nice! We usually dvr this off of YouTube tv. We will check paramount as that’s one of the other services we have a sub for. Thanks.

Great ep last night with some old school TAR travel luck striking a few teams. Close race throughout with some seemingly good tactics doing very little and a good choice of detours. Only to end with a double leg and the race goes on ! Good stuff.

I’ve only watched half the episode so far, but it was great to see Airport Drama make a return.

Great episode. I liked the great bottleneck that brought everyone within 15 minutes of each other. :) The decision to use the express pass was suspect, considering it wasn’t used on a detour or roadblock. I didn’t even know you COULD use an expresspass on just a normal task.

I like how everyone got out of the vinyl task thinking they were kicking ass.

Ya. The vinyl task seemed the most difficult to me going in. The paper one was pretty quick once you got the hang of it.

So after a couple of days of minimal sleep they’re hitting a second leg. Next week could be nuts.

I didn’t post, but the second Vietnam episode was great, just a great set of tasks that are hard but not impossible, and not too much based on luck.

This week’s Jaipur leg was also very tense with some great task choices, and it came down to a rickshaw race to the pitstop at the end.

Ya. This season as been super fun so far. I thought the task of finding the matching art was super luck based depending on which direction you started in. But based on the times the teams started on the next ep being super close together I think the actual search times were pretty short. And editing only made them seem long and drawn out.

The rickshaw race was cool but I’m not sure how it didn’t end up being a foot race to the mat. They both seemed to get off the rickshaws within seconds of each other but the no -eliminated team looke dot hit the mar well in advance of the eliminated one. Must have been some dead ends trying to find the mat.

Next week we get the bs vote to screw with another team. I’m assuming it’s gonna be the dad/daughter that gets the vote but it could be the cranky grey ladies team too. Regardless it’s a crap addition to TAR that I would have been happy they didn’t bring back.

Who doesn’t love the Indian legs?

I don’t think it was just bad taxi (ricshaw) luck but that certainly didn’t help to brothers. Also glad the stupid forced fuckery of the uturn vote didn’t knock out a strong team. Hell, they still had a chance at 1st except for the misread of what to do with receipts.

Still a strong and fun season minus the uturn bullshit and stupid ‘tension’ it creates.

I only watched the first 25 minutes of this week’s episode so far, but the result seems inevitable now. One of my favorite teams gets lost, and they’re still going the wrong way, so I’m not sure how there’s any coming back from this. I guess the first leg with self-driving tripped them up pretty bad. It’s a shame.

I’ll try to watch the rest of the episode tomorrow morning. Hopefully there’s a miraculous comeback or another team gets hopelessly blocked by a task.

I found the first half of the leg really uncomfortable to watch. Race fatigue must have really hit some of the teams hard. That said, the tasks were excellent.

If you’re referring to the team that went home, I don’t miss them at all. They were by far the worst of the current pack.

My favorite team is still the deaf dad/son.