Amazing Race 35

TAR generally is very good at finding teams that aren’t inherently hateable. Sure, you get some bickering mostly due to stress/exhaustion but it’s rarely something that carries on throughout the season. Even though the end was a forgone conclusion due to some pretty massive ‘getting your ass lost on foreign backroads’ it was still interesting to see a bunch of teams changing places as the leg went along.

As far as the last two challenges. I would have thought the mustard one would be tougher due to having to remember the German names. The dart thing, while tough, would allow for pretty quick repetition until you got your goal it seemed going in.

Not sure why, but the grey team’s tactic at the money change task bothered me. Not a lot, but it still seemed kinda lame.

I predicted nobody would even try the “soccer dart” challenge because it seemed so incredibly difficult - to achieve a specific score and having both team members participate. So I was shocked that not only did a team pick it but they did it in what seemed to be a decent amount of time.

Really enjoying this season.

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Brutal. So fucking brutal I expected it to be a mega-leg.

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Super tough leg with many of not all teams feeling the stress and exhaustion now. They made a point at least once of a team not going down that last elevator but then a team does and seemingly that kept them from last place over another team who didn’t use the elevator.. I know there are often rules given that we don’t know but I wondered about that as the last teams hit the mat.

Fun year and looking forward to the final few eps.

Yes. An excellent season.

I finally finished last week’s episode this morning. I said that team was already out in the first half of the episode, but it just kept getting worse and worse! I couldn’t believe that they didn’t even get to experience the uplifting parade thrown for everyone and instead found Phil there! Brutal!

Ya. I only recall seeing a that a few times. Like when the sisters who were a strong team got stuck at a needle in the haystack detour ( that was literally unrolling hay bales to find a clue) for hours never finding the clue in any bale they unrolled and it got dark and they went out and got them.

You know you’re way late when you go to an activity and find Phil waiting for you there.

Wow, what an episode this week. The Grand Tour went to Slovenia first, so that amazing lake and castle were already spoiled for me, but luckily the Amazing race didn’t concentrate on those, but took us on more of a bird’s eye view. What amazing photography this episode.

The fact that the episode started with multiple flights and then multiple trains really reminded me of old school TAR. There was an episode early on, I want to say Season 4 maybe, where the wrong kind of train got a team so far behind that they never caught up the rest of the leg. The fact that there were three teams playing train roulette this time made me less nervous for them. But they also got lucky that they were SO far ahead, they could actually get on a train back to the original point and STILL make the same train as everyone else. Amazing. What’s funny is that it so wouldn’t have been worth it! There’s no way that glider task would have been open at night, if they’d arrived 8 hours earlier instead of in the morning like they did. At most it could have been a 2 or 3 hour lead maybe?

Anyway, great, great leg, and I’m really sorry at the result. I loved the team that got eliminated and the second last team is my least favorite left in the race, so I really wish that order had been reversed.

I was broken hearted that the father and daughter team didnt go home. Tired of their bickering. Never have i wanted a team to lose so badly. A nail biter in reverse.

Beautiful country though! Putting it on the bucket list.

I just wanted to shout out to the Amazing Camera Operators, who never miss an opportunity to show us racers running past a clue box, or in this case, an “Express Pass Taken” sign.

My favorite was the married couple who got u-turned, couldn’t figure out the morse code puzzle at a World War I reenactment/museum, and gave up. Phil went out to call it and found them huddling together in the trench like a couple of extras out of All’s Quiet on the Western Front.

I try not to post until I’m done with an episode, but I watched 20 minutes yesterday morning and about 30 minutes today, so I still have about 15/20 minutes to go for tomorrow. It’s a shame that a team gets into trouble early and then compounds the error.

The fact that so many teams are taking the needle-in-a-haystack task gives me hope for them though. I’m hoping someone gets stuck finding the needle, and then they can catch up enough.

How do you not know what a subway is? At least they didn’t go to the sandwich shop.

Good episode. I’m glad they made both team members skydive for once, so both got to enjoy it.

I was really concerned for the dad after he was huffing and puffing so much. I know when I play with my son nowadays, I get so exhausted, with chest pains sometimes, so I was thinking, oh god, please let him be okay.

I genuinely liked every team still in the race in the most recent episode. I have an affinity for the father/daughter team, even though they get really snippy with each other when they’re under pressure, but they’re so sweet to each other afterwards, and it just makes me think of racing with my daughter (which I would NEVER do, but it’s a cute thought.)

The team that went home was actually the team I liked the least, but their goodbye speech was so sweet. But again, I still liked them. I just like the other 4 – the final 4 – a bit more.

Interesting last leg, with 3 teams all clumped together and getting shit directions.

TAR is very good at selecting racers who are going to be enjoyable to watch. Very few teams are just outright jackholes like you’ll find at least a few of in pretty much all the other competitive reality shows.

Fun leg (again) and it was crazy how that group of teams got shown totally different directions multiple times. I wonder how long/far they ran along what looked like parks and random roads. None of that area looked like it would be a subway station spot. But I guess if the locals are all giving trash directions you just gotta keep plodding on til you get a good direction.

Sure, now. Not so much in the early days (Hello, Flo!)

Oh, totally. They had some jerks, but most were early on. Or at least long enough ago that I’ve forgotten them. Even ‘My ox is broken’ Colin (and Christine) came back and redeemed themselves as good racers (won a ‘reality star’ season) and pretty good folks as well.

Season 6 is the only one I can think of with a jerk I couldn’t stand.

Flo was very memorable to watch. I just loved the fact that after the first two seasons had two Alpha male teams win, she was accidentally responsible for eliminating the Alpha male team in Season 3 because she fancied them and was trying to help them, which lead to their elimination.

Season 3 is still the most memorable season of the show to me. I should rewatch it sometime.