Amazing Race Season 32

Starts tonight, Who else is in?

I haven’t watched since CBS put it behind a paywall a couple of years ago, but I miss it, gosh darn it, and I think I’ll have to re-subscribe to All Access for a few months.

My sister, a school psychologist, disdains all “reality” game shows but she loves to travel and check out other cultures. I finally convinced her to give this a shot.

Don’t let me down, TAR

I’m definitely in!

I have CBS All Access for at least another month. Probably more. But just in case, I’ll also program Plex to record it over the air as well.

Aww, that’s what happened? My wife and I enjoy the show, even though I generally dislike TV and hate reality TV, but I enjoy TAR.

Now I have a sad.

Yeah… it’s been waaaay too long for this one to get a airdate! Been sitting on the shelf for 2 years and before that there was a long break as well.

Really hope it does well now! But I’m afraid it’s on its last legs and will be eliminated VERY SOON unfortunately.

They were in the midst of filming S33 when COVID hit. Who knows if it will ever start up again.

I mean it is hardly a race with 14 day quarantines at every stop.

They’d have to do it at a national level. The Amazing Race, USA edition. Just don’t get a detour that sends you to Florida, the penalty shows up days later.

They’ve done that. It was pretty lame

What, stopping at the corn palace in Nebraska to find a specific corn mosaic isn’t as exciting as trying to find the correct painting in the Louvre?

Such an elitist, I tell ya.

The show has been teetering on being canceled for a while now. COVID might be what finally sinks it. I will enjoy what might be the final season. Being in Canada, it is on broadcast television rather than a premium streaming service.

Huh looks like it is on the local CBS station?

It is on broadcast TV. But CBS used to allow you to stream their broadcast content for free and only charged for “premium” shows, Now they charge for everything, which sucks for those of us who can only access it via the interwebs.

[edit]Well, I’ll be damned. Looks like it’s back on for free. So, yay.

The olympic track athletes team, normally one I would root for. But one of them said she was dyslexic. Unfortunately I don’t see them making it far.

Great opening leg. Goats may replace camels as my favorite TAR regulars.

Just based on last night I would put money on the Asian couple. They seem to work well together and if they’re as athletic as they are smart they can go all the way.

OTOH, I don’t expect the football players to last much longer. The White one seems to be a bit of a lunkhead.

Yeah. Agreed. I think both athlete teams are gone in the first half of the season.

The two couples, and the Indian siblings, I think would be the ones I’d pick as most likely. Though the bearded pro Greek volleyball players are a dark horse I think.

I’d be shocked if any of the other teams make the final cuts.

Glad to find a thread for this! We watched the first episode last night and it’s like welcoming back an old friend.

No real opinion on any team yet. Weren’t both of the runners on that team dyslexic? We were wondering how on earth they would be able to compete with some of the trickier tasks.

As it turns out, not well!

But I don’t think it’s both of them.

Decent first episode. There’s several teams I like.

Hopefully the teams that were almost eliminated will get to show off their altheticism before they are eliminated.

Watching people get yanked by speedy goats was a lot funnier than I was expecting.

Yeah, I kinda liked the team that went home, but certainly there are several other teams I’ll be happy to see do well.

Hope this show doesn’t get canceled. I’d love to go on it!

I didn’t know we had so many TAR watchers here at Qt3. There’s already 7 of us!

I miss Television Without Pity’s TAR recaps by MissAlli. I wonder if Linda Holmes still watches the show.